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September 2, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' Says 'Sayonara' to Geisha Chin and Joey Arrigo

by Bryan Cairns, posted Aug 18th 2011 9:00AM

It was crunch time this week on 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada.' With the top 10 almost in their grasp, the remaining 12 contestants held nothing back Monday night. Considering all the amazing talent left, it's getting harder to even fathom anyone going home but ultimately, contemporary dancers Geisha Chin and Joey Arrigo were eliminated.

Nonetheless, the two were all smiles Wednesday morning and spoke to AOL TV Canada about the results, their performances and who has a good shot at winning this competition.

Once again you received great reviews with your Afro Jazz piece and should have been safe. Were you surprised to be in the bottom three and maybe a little disappointed not to make the top 10?

Joey: Not at all, because in the top 16 and top 14, I was in the bottom three. I was able to save myself with my solos and I think after a third solo, something inside the judges said: "Time to go." I respect that decision. Am I upset not to make the top 10? Not at all. This is a blessing in disguise. I was on the show for a notable amount of time, so I was able to show Canada five times, and with three solos, just how good I am at my genre and how well I can dominate. I was also off the show early enough that I have plenty of time to make connections and book so many jobs. Now comes the fun part.

Geisha: I was for sure disappointed in not making the top 10, but because I had been in the bottom three times before that, I was kind of expecting it. I was hoping to get saved though, but it's okay. I did make it to the top 12, which is just as awesome. I'm pretty happy.

Right from the get-go, you amazed everyone and were consistently considered one of the frontrunners, Joey. Did that early praise put any extra pressure on you?

Joey: A little bit, because as a competition, you think "What are the judges trying to do here? Are they trying to conflict with Canada's decision or sway Canada's decision? What's going on?" With them pumping you up so much, I don't know what the judges' intentions for me were or if they got what they wanted. Regardless of what happened, I have no regrets. I'm so happy with everything that happened on the show. I threw my heart out on the stage and performed to my fullest.

Week one's New Disco kicked off a string of colourful outfits for you, Geisha. Which was the most outrageous, but helped you capture the spirit of your character?

Geisha: The Barbie doll one I did with Blake McGrath, the glow in the dark one, was probably the most outrageous. The hair stuff I had in also really helped me get into character.

Are you ever concerned a Janet Jackson mishap may occur?

Geisha: I was more worried the hair pieces would fly out during one of the dances. The costumes were all pretty well secured. We had body glue to keep them in place.

What does it take to make a killer solo?

Joey: Well, definitely showing you know how to use your space and stage to your fullest advantage. You don't want the stage to be dancing you; you want to be dancing on the stage and filling it. You don't want to be overwhelmed by the space. You want to be dancing bigger than that.

Geisha: The most important thing is not to get nervous, and it took me three times not to be nervous. Also, you have to give it all you have. You have to put everything you have in that solo.

The whirlwind partner swapping has been like speed dating this season. Was there someone you were still hoping to be paired up with?

Joey: Well, Lindsay and I were duet partners at our studio since I was 12. I've been dancing with her forever. I was hoping to make it a little further on the show so Lindsay and I could go back into our comfort zone and dance together. I mean, I was more than happy to be dancing with Jordan in week one because she's an incredible dancer and we're the best of friends. I'm so happy I got to spend two weeks with her.

Geisha: Yeah, I would have loved to work with Christian and maybe do a ballroom with him. I really wanted to do ballroom on this show and Christian is so funny.

Lastly, any predictions about who is going to win it all?

Joey: Oh, I'm hoping Jordan. Momma deserves it so much! She was my biggest support system when I was there and she helped me out so much.

Geisha: Lindsay. She's very versatile. She's so talented inside and outside of her genre. She has a great personality, is so humble and such a sweet girl.

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