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September 2, 2015
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Jesse Helps Mike Track Some Missing Meth on 'Breaking Bad' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 22nd 2011 6:14AM
'Breaking Bad' - 'Cornered'Walt keeps pushing and he keeps finding out that he can only get away with so much. Gus has his own agenda on 'Breaking Bad' (Sun., 10PM ET on AMC), and as important as Walt is to the drug empire he's built, he's not going to allow Walt any more leverage over him than he must.

Gus is cold in a way that Walt can't comprehend, though he tried to put on a show of how tough he could be for Skyler. All that did was drive her away, and when she came back, she put him right back in his place ... beneath her heel.

Meanwhile, Jesse is apparently genuinely impressing Gus now, which will only further drive the wedge between Jesse and Walt. Of course, this was Gus' only intention in the beginning, but now it looks like he may be coming to see Jesse as someone who could genuinely be of value to his organization on his own.

Jesse really did step up in that meth house situation. He was right in that he understood the crazy mind of the meth-head -- loved the digging stunt -- and he was able to keep his cool and turn the situation to his advantage. He may have made Mike genuinely proud of him in that moment. Who knew he had it in him. Unfortunately, this will drive that wedge a little deeper. A Jesse with confidence isn't a Jesse Walt can bully around and lord over, and he doesn't really know any other way to relate to him genuinely.

As we saw, though, no one is so valuable that they can't be eliminated or replaced. Well, actually, Walt is but that's only because he had Jesse take out the competition. You knew nothing good was going to happen to those poor cleaning women that Walt bribed into cleaning up the lab. How could he be so naive as to think they'd be allowed to just go back to their laundry work.

They clearly knew something bad was going on in that direction, as they didn't want to go there, but they probably didn't know exactly what was up. And Walt stupidly showed them the entire operation. Sure, they don't understand it, but they could probably do a fair job of explaining what they saw.

Walt gave Gus no choice but to get rid of the women, though there was a sense of dread that he might kill them. Instead, it's off to Honduras for them, so hopefully Walt gave them enough cash (and they were allowed to keep it) to make up for the loss of their jobs and their deportation.

Every time Walt pushes, Gus pushes back, and yet Walt isn't going to give up. This battle may take all the way until the final episodes of the series, though I'm not sure even 'Breaking Bad's slow burn could survive that long of a build.

We'd love to see Walt find a way to take out Gus, take over the entire criminal organization and become the kingpin of crime for the entire Southwest. That'll make him all the bigger when Hank finally topples him in the series finale. Okay, we have no idea what's going to happen, but it sure is fun to speculate.

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