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August 31, 2015
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'Big Brother': Zingbot 3000 Lightens the Mood Before POV Competition (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 25th 2011 12:42AM
Zingbot 3000, 'Big Brother'Add in some decent zings and an incredibly high-pitched annoying voice and you don't get Rachel, you get the Zingbot 3000. The robot made a return appearance to 'Big Brother' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) this season with a fresh arsenal of insults for the remaining houseguests.

The robot zinged Rachel on talking about her "fiance" all the time, Kalia on sleeping all the time, Adam on looking like Uncle Fester, Jeff for his soul patch, Shelly for being mannish and Jordan for being terrible at questions. In fact, it was kind of nice to Jordan. But it saved it's meanest dig for Daniele.

"Do you own a car, or do you still prefer to just ride your daddy's coattails," it zinged her way. The jab would have perhaps been more biting had Evel Dick not left the house so early in the game, leaving her to fend for herself.


That said, it was not a good week for Daniele. First, she watched as Jeff won HOH and put her two closest allies on the block. She tried to get in his good graces, but suspected all along that he was contemplating giving her the backdoor treatment like she did Brendon.

The Zingbot presided over the POV competition, which everyone played in but Rachel, where the houseguests had to construct a Fembot for it ... kinky, I know! Jeff ran away with this one as well, and became the first houseguest with total power in one week.

Then, at the POV Ceremony, he did as Daniele feared, pulling floater Porsche off the block to put Daniele up there next to her partner in crime. It's going to be hard to imagine a way out of this situation for Daniele, if Jeff and Jordan are gunning for her.

Shelly's pretty strongly wanting to play with them, so she's likely to support whatever they want, and Adam isn't likely to support a sinking ship, which Team Daniele clearly is. While Jeff seems willing to consider a truce with Kalia, he doesn't seem ready to ever trust Daniele again in this game.

If she goes out, that would weaken the split that's been in the house for more than a month, with Daniele at the head of one side and the power couples leading the other. Isn't it kind of sad that the newbies have fallen into line underneath the veterans? I'm still shocked they didn't just start picking them off as soon as they could.

That said, if Jordan stays around much longer, I still say she might win the whole thing. I could see her and Jeff going to the final two. He's incredibly tough in challenges, and she's so adorable that everyone just loves her. Maybe Porsche will finally go from number two in a challenge to number one and take over. Who knows what she would do!

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