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August 28, 2015

The Day I Met Wonder Woman

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 25th 2011 9:00AM
Lynda Carter, Wonder WomanThere are many perks to being an entertainment journalist. Aside from getting paid to watch and write about TV, you sometimes get to meet your childhood heroes. The other day I did just that when I met Lynda Carter. Yes, I met Wonder Woman.

When I was in elementary school, around 7 years old, FX started airing reruns of Adam West's 'Batman' TV series. Already a fan of the character thanks to my father and his comic book collecting, I was hooked. One day, I remember questioning what was on before 'Batman.' It was 'Wonder Woman.'

Suffice to say, I became instantly drawn to this powerful woman, wearing satin tights fighting for my rights. She was new and colorful to me. I was enamored.

My dad started getting Wonder Woman comics. I flocked to anything with Lynda Carter involved, including having Lens Express catalogs mailed to me because Carter was the spokesperson. If you were to see me playing outside, chances are I had on some gaudy bracelets and a jump rope strapped to my waist -- my own golden lasso. My best friend Marc would join me, usually playing Rover, the trusty robot dog from the later seasons of 'Wonder Woman.'

One Christmas, not too long after I began idolizing Wonder Woman, my brother did the nicest thing he has probably ever done for me. I remember sitting in a pile of torn up wrapping paper, eager to open gift after gift. I was handed a small, wrapped box. Unsure of what it was since most of my gifts were the shape of action figure packages and thus easily guessed, I took it with hesitation. Assured it was for me, I opened it to find a picture frame box.

"Why did you get me a picture frame!?" I demanded of my brother. Annoyed, my mom urged me to open it. With displeasure already taking over my face, I opened the box, not expecting what a wonderful surprise would slide out. It was a signed black and white picture of Lynda as Wonder Woman, her smile beaming out of the photo. Scrawled across the picture it said: "To Chris, Love, Lynda Carter."

I don't remember much after opening the gift besides throwing myself on my brother, embracing him. My mom says I clutched the photo to my chest and did laps around the house, screaming with excitement.

Without my knowledge, my brother Ben had gone to the library -- this was before the Internet made finding things such as mailing addresses for fan clubs and PR agents a two-minute task -- and looked up Lynda's mailing address. He wrote an impassioned letter, asking for a personalized autograph to give to me as a gift.

Lynda CarterFast forward 16 years to August 2011. I'm watching Lynda Carter film a "You've Got" video for AOL (watch it below!), talking about her music and how special Wonder Woman is to her. As an observer on the sidelines, I agreed with every word she said. Wonder Woman is an inspiring character to both women and men; a superhero special to many people.

After her interview, I told Lynda's publicist how big a fan I was and still am and mentioned the Christmas present story. He took me back to the green room to catch up with Lynda herself. I said hello and we shook hands, which was enough for me -- but it continued. When I told her how much I loved Wonder Woman, she gave me a high-five. Content, with a smile so wide I'm not sure how it stayed on my face, I stood there in awe.

Her publicist began telling her my Christmas present story, but I soon picked up the reins and shared the details. The people around her laughed and cooed. A smile brought a twinkle to Lynda's baby blue eyes and she opened her arms and moved toward me. So much zoomed through my mind -- here I was, hugging Lynda Carter! Wonder Woman! This was something I used to wish for when I blew out my birthday candles or saw a shooting star!

We posed for a picture, said goodbye and I left, red-faced from the exhilaration of experiencing something that I had dreamed about, but never thought would happen.

I met Wonder Woman.

Have you had an inspiring celebrity encounter? Share your own stories in the comments.

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OMG!! You are so lucky! My first and only purchase on ebay was Wonder Woman Barbie. But you got to meet her! I love Lynda Carter! I'm so jealous!!

August 25 2011 at 1:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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