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August 29, 2015

Mark Hamill Spills 'Chuck' Cameo Details, Talks All About Playing Bad Guys

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 29th 2011 7:00PM
Mark HamillMark Hamill made a career for himself playing Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' franchise, but he's since made his career doing just about everything else, including playing quite a few anti-Skywalker bad guys ("I love Luke, don't get me wrong," he said with a laugh).

When the 'Chuck' cast announced at Comic-Con that Hamill was the latest awesome guest star popping by the show to play villain for their final season (premieres Fri., Oct. 21, 8PM ET on NBC), the crowds geeked out as their universes collided.

But we knew very little about the bad guy he's playing ... until now. I caught up with Hamill to hear all about his James Bond-style cameo (including some details he probably shouldn't have mentioned -- mild spoilers ahead!) and whether or not he'll be returning for more than just "one scene."

He also talked about his voice work as The Joker, first in animation and now in hit video games Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City. I even got him to say a line in the Joker's voice -- don't you kind of wish this was a video interview?

Keep reading for more 'Chuck' talk and bad guy banter with the one and only Mark Hamill.

I am so excited to see you on 'Chuck'!
Thank you! I mean, I thought that since it was sort of a cameo that it'd be nice to keep it secret.

Well there are no secrets at Comic-Con ...
I know -- I was shocked! I didn't say anything, but when they announced it at the panel, Twitter and all the different new media went on alert. I was surprised ... I'm only in one scene. It's a dream come true because not only is it a really delightful show, but the scene I'm in is like a James Bond scene. I've seen these spy things before, but I never thought I'd be a part of one. I'm playing this arch-villain holding these two young people hostage, forcing them to jump off a cliff. It's wonderful. I had a great time.

Do you realize that when you sign up for something so steeped in geek culture that it's a huge deal, even for just a cameo?
No! It always surprises me. The thing is, I knew of 'Chuck''s reputation, that it's a very sort of cult show that people just absolutely adore, but it was my kids that said, "You've gotta do this!" [Laughs] So I said, "I really don't know the show that well," so they sent me a package of all these DVDs and we just had a 'Chuck' marathon and watched five, six, seven in a row and it was just an astonishing revelation to me. I said, "Where has this show been?" I mean, it's so hard to categorize ... it's so unique, there's really nothing else like it on television.

And the cast -- they're all so much fun.
The cast is just tremendous. I have to tell you, you know, you can tell when you go on set ... I've been in very high-tension situations where this one's not talking to that one, etc. But the crew, the cast, all of them are just like one big happy family, so it was a lot of fun.

See the cast talking about
Hamill's guest spot at Comic-Con

And this being their last season, you're sort of the guest star pinnacle for their final hurrah.
Well, we'll see what happens. I did say to them, "Isn't it odd that I'm just doing a cameo?" And ... I don't want to say anything, but who knows what'll happen.

So it leaves it open to maybe have you back for more?
Yes, that's what they said ... we'll see. Please, I don't want to get anybody started! [Laughs]

I love it that hearing your voice, I think of the Joker ... [laughs]
Totally! You know, Kevin Conroy pointed out that we've been doing this for 19 years. It's insane. I took a break for a while, but I did 13 years, and then they asked me to come back to do Arkham Asylum, and it was all the original people, so it was a great chance to get together. We were like the 'Chuck' crew -- we loved each other and any opportunity to get back together was something to really jump on. But I had no idea that the game would be as successful as it was ... it's not like TV or a movie or play where you can judge the script and determine how it'll turn out. The big unknown is how the game plays, and that's the leap of faith.

Yeah, the script and the art could be great, but you don't know until you play it.
I found out the hard way. I remember doing Wolverine. I said, "Oh good, so if this goes, I'll do sequels," because, you know, I'm Wolverine in the game. But I gave it to the boys, and after a couple of months I said, "How was it?" and they looked and said, "Well, you were good." So not a good game? [Laughs] But Arkham Asylum was, I guess, the best-received Batman game ever.

And now there's another one coming soon.
The sequel is Arkham City and it comes out in October. If you go to YouTube, they have all these wonderful trailers about who's in the game and what it's about. There's a Catwoman trailer, Mr. Freeze which is Maurice LaMarche, there's a Penguin and Two-Face. It's done almost like a Gotham horror novel. I tried to do a darker Joker to allow for that because he had to be different in the animated cartoon because it was a cartoon for children! He couldn't really hurt people ... he could give them the big Joker smile, but he couldn't kill people.

It's just such a huge part of your career now ...
It's funny -- having done Broadway and everything I've done, if you told me that an animated cartoon would have brought me so much joy over the years, I would've said you were crazy. But it's extra special because I am a fan. I loved Batman as a kid and I read the comics, and I loved the Joker.

And your character in 'Sushi Girl' is another bad guy -- you're on a roll!
I love extremes. I think that was why I was drawn to the character. Once I sort of got past how violent it was ... this is a group of deadbeats and ne'er-do-wells like you've never seen. And I was scared of it. That was good in a way, because it scared me out of my safety zone. I said, "I think he should have a really extreme look," but we didn't know what that was. Should I shave my head bald? We went in the other direction and gave him this terrible, shaggy sort of Kurt Cobain hair don't. It turned out to be just a joy to do, and I'm so glad. My character is just a mess ... a remorseless psychotic killer, and someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others. It's really creepy! [Laughs] But it's so fun to just pretend.

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