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August 27, 2015
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'True Blood': Bill vs. Eric Leads to Vampires vs. Marnie (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 29th 2011 5:26AM
'True Blood' - 'Burning Down the House'Sookie really needs to figure out how those powers of hers work on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO). Just imagine what she could do if she could not only use them at will but know what they were going to do.

In this case, she could have probably cured Eric long ago, though in retrospect that might not be the smartest move. The Eric she fell in love with was the broken Eric. The Eric she stopped from killing Bill was under Marnie's spell, but Sookie's white power blast cured him of every spell Marnie had put on him.

Then Sookie told him about her mixed feelings for both Bill and him, while Eric 3.0 admitted that he loved her and acted a lot more like Eric 2.0 than Eric 1.0, to Pam's shock and dismay. He did, however, suit up and find his inner cold-hearted jerk a little later when Tara's life was on the line as Bill planned his frontal assault on Antonia.

Sookie's blast actually cured everyone of Antonia's spell, and even seemed to pull Antonia briefly out of Marnie's body, where she was horrified by what she saw. It was here and in a later exchange that we saw the true bloodlust was Marnie's and not Antonia's. This was a shocking twist for both characters, but could make it easier to take down Marnie later.

Meanwhile, in the other love triangle in Bon Temps, Jason absolutely crushed Jessica's feelings when he asked her to glamour him so he wouldn't have to remember how he betrayed Hoty. What a jerk-move Stackhouse! This probably helped fuel Jessica's bloodlust that has her ready to fight on the frontline in Bill's assault on the Emporium.

He took his frustrations and joined Sookie's plan to free Tara in light of Bill's plan to blow up the Emporium. They were joined by Lafayette and Jesus, who was convinced Marnie was a victim in all of this. Jesus managed to work his way past Marnie's shield of protection, with the help of a demonic force. Once inside, though, he didn't know that Tara and Holly were channeling their rage into a spell to break Marnie's spell holding them all captive.

This must be a pretty big shop for them to be off chanting in one corner while Jesus and Marnie are conversing in another place and neither pair can hear the other. When Tara and Holly made a run for it, they met up with Sookie and Lafayette at the barrior, but Marnie vanished all of them, either inside or somewhere else entirely. Only Jason was left on the outside when Bill, Pam, Jessica and Eric did their action movie walk all dressed in black. It was so cheesy -- and in slo-mo to boot -- that it was amazing!

Side plots included a very well put together intervention for Andy on behalf of his brother Terry, who has the biggest heart on the show, and the long-awaited death of Tommy the shapeshifter. I've made no bones about hating this character, and I couldn't help but cheer when he finally died, even if it was trying to help his brother Sam out.

The next one to worry should be Marcus, who has both Sam and Alcide on his trail now. Add to that the fact that he's cozying up to Debbie and there may be a new pack leader in the near future. These stories aren't as interesting, perhaps, as the main vampire battle, but these side characters have to have something to do, right?

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Terry is Andy's cousin ... Not brother

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