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October 4, 2015
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Adam Redeems His Character by Helping Poppy Out on 'The Big C' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 30th 2011 5:26AM
'The Big C' - 'How Do You Feel?'Adam has been in some desperate need of redemption on 'The Big C' (Mon., 10:30PM ET on Showtime). His behavior has been so abhorrent, even being a teenager wasn't enough to forgive it. But he went a little way in finding it by helping a friend out this week.

Poppy may be an odd friend, seeing as how she's closer to Cathy's age than Adam's, but she seems to be interested in him genuinely as a friend, and she also seems to desperately need someone in her life.

When she dragged Adam to her 20-year high school reunion, he found out that she was a rather tortured and teased goth girl back in high school, and he also finds he's able to step up and help her save face with all the mean girls who used to pick on her.

The scene also spotlights her darker side, and it's something that's been getting under Adam's skin. He hints around to it with Cathy, but isn't ready to talk about it. However, the fact that Poppy's cutting as a way to cope with her own emotional issues may be the kick in the pants Adam needs to realize that he needs to find a healthier outlet.

But Poppy wasn't the only one in need of some support this week. Cathy was being emotionally pulled in two directions, and in one case she was there in the way she was needed, while on the other end she came up short.

Her treatment buddy isn't responding positively to the treatment so Cathy was by his side to help cheer him up and simply be there for him, which is all he really needed. Unfortunately, Sean's struggles with the loss of his unborn child, and now the mother of that child, saw him unraveling dangerously fast.

It certainly didn't help that he went off his meds when the baby died, but his decline was so rapid, I found myself relieved that he simply ran away over his new backyard neighbors rather than do something regrettable. I don't think Sean is dangerous to others, but his torment over their happiness and their baby was pushing him to a very dark place.

It's a good thing Cathy is responding well to the clinical trial, because she may need all her strength yet to take care of her brother, if and when she either finds him again or he shows up.

This week was a tour de force for John Benjamin Hickey who's been absolutely sensational as Sean this season. His performance as a man suffering from bipolar disorder both on and off his meds has been a thing of tortured beauty. You absolutely buy into it, and we're as frightened of what he might do next as Cathy is when he's in a bad place, like he is now.

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