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October 7, 2015

'Happy Endings' Cast Talks Season 2, Quotables & Dream Guest Stars

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 30th 2011 12:00PM
'Happy Endings' does for me what most shows can't: It makes me laugh out loud at least five times an episode. That sounds like it should be a quote on one of their billboards, but I can't help myself -- the cast is hysterical, the writing spot-on and the jokes perfectly inappropriate.

I gushed about it here and here, and I've even gotten my colleague Mo Ryan to love it*, too. (*OK, that's an exaggeration, but I at least helped shame her into giving it a second chance. I'm still set on reaching my ultimate goal: to get her to love it without laundry.)

I've been re-watching episodes online, patiently waiting for Season 1 on DVD (releases Tues., Sept. 20), but I'm greedy when it comes to good comedy. I want more.

So of course I couldn't wait to catch up with the cast -- Elisha Cuthbert, Zach Knighton, Casey Wilson, Adam Pally, Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr, as well as creator David Caspe -- at their Paley Center screening and panel last night. Check out the interviews after the jump for Season 2 stories, teases for new ah-MAH-zing character quotables, returning guest stars and a few big name celebs they wouldn't say no to either.

Season 2 story lines:
Coupe: "Jane and Brad are exploring their sexual side. They are dirty birds in the sack ... just dirty. We don't get to see it [on TV], but we allude to it a lot."

Wayans: "Oh you'll see it, too! They've got these new cameras and I mean wow. Details, details ... "

Knighton: "Season 2, Dave and Alex move away from that stuff a little bit, and we start to kind of see who these guys are. I guess the writers thought that it's really funny when Dave gets obsessed with something, so there's be a lot of obsession for me this year, which will be really fun. Also, we're shooting [the Halloween episode] right now with Mr. [Fred] Savage directing ... there's some great costumes. Mine involves mistaken identity. There's a pretty amazing costume I can't talk about ... but it's awesome."

Guest stars:
Wilson, on Megan Mullally playing her TV mom: "We used her up. I mean, that woman ... we essentially raped her talent. She is obviously a triple threat -- that's not giving anything away -- and we were like, guess what? You bring a talent to set, it's going to get used. [Laughs] She hit a home run ... it was awesome."

Caspe, on Mullally's song and dance: "She is unbelievable. So hilarious and so talented. And Casey also, singing and dancing with her. We heard Megan was a fan of the show, and we were immediately like, 'Well we're huge fans of yours and we'd love to have you.'"

Pally: "A couple of our big ones from last year are going to be coming back, like Paul Scheer, Seth Morris, June [Diane Raphael] may be coming back -- I hope so -- and possibly Damon [Wayans] Sr."

Wayans on his real-life dad, Damon Wayans Sr, returning to play his TV dad again: "It's not a done deal, but it's a strong possibility. It's a tough get, but I kind of know people ... people that can talk to him. I know a guy that knows a guy."

Watch 'Like Father, Like Gun' here

Dream guest stars:
Pally: "I'm sure Michael Caine is a big fan. Sure. My ultimate get? Jim Carrey. If we could get Jim Carrey, I would die a happy man." Talking about Emma Stone? "I would love to do a little video with me and Jim Carrey talking about how much we love Elle Fanning. [Laughs] Elle Fanning is hot ... I'll wait. What have I got, three years left? Not a long time."

Knighton: "I kind of crush on Rachel McAdams, but I don't think she's gonna come do our show anytime soon. You know, if [Jennifer] Aniston wanted to come in, that'd be pretty cool."

Cuthbert: "Oh there are so many ... maybe Alex goes for a little older guy ... Johnny Depp maybe? What's he doing? Is he that busy that he can't come on 'Happy Endings' and give me a little smoochy smooch?"

Coupe: "I think [Jane and Brad] should have a threesome. With Ryan Gosling. I ... that boy ... oh ... I mean ... he's just ... I can't. I need it, I enjoy it, I think we would just have great conversation. When I say threesome, I just mean us, all three, having tea. Not even coffee! Just tea."

Wayans: "I'll just watch. For me, probably Nell Carter." Is she alive? "Oh, I meant Loretta Devine ... or maybe the ghost of Nell Carter. Whoever wants to come on, who's really funny -- maybe Rob Riggle. That'd be nice."

Wilson: "Why do we both think that our show's on any level that we can get Ryan Gosling? That's sad. Like, know your place."

New quotables:
Knighton: "A lot of stuff we made up, which is crazy, but you can expect a lot of español from this guy and I can't speak for the rest of them."

The cast of Happy EndingsCoupe: "We do a whole British bit, Damon and Pally and I. We just made it up. We're making up things now and just incorporating it into every scene of every episode, so that they can't cut it out. We've become children. But I can't give the quote because [in a British accent] I want you to see it for yourself."

Pally: "You know, there's so many bits that happen off-set that they just have to leak in. Why not? I've got about 15 quotables. If someone tells you that you have to be someplace, you go 'heah or there?' Everybody's been doing Michael Caine impersonations on the show, so if someone asks you to do something, you go [in Michael Caine voice] 'Don't. Don't do it.'"

Wayans: "We definitely have had our British times, yeah. I don't really have like a saying, but we've been doing little things here and there that I think will stick."

Cuthbert: "I'm not at the point where I'm quoting the show yet! Well, I quote everyone else's characters, like Casey's 'ah-MAH-zing' and 'totes.'"

Wilson: "We've got some good quotes. You'll have to hear them ... I mean, I sort of feel bad that 'ah-MAH-zing' got so big. I hate it. Hate to love it."

Cuthbert: "Right off the top, it's more about seeing what Alex is up to, as opposed to diving right back into the dating scene," Cuthbert said. "But that doesn't mean it's not going to happen ... right around [episode] four and five, we're there, so everyone needs to brace themselves. I'm finding myself in some crazy situations."

Pally: "You know, in a perfect world, Max would find a man down the line, but right now it's so fun to have him just single ... he'll sleep with anybody! Max will sleep with anybody, any animal, anything that he finds attractive for even a slight second, he'll get in there."

Watch 'Why Can't You Read Me' here

Make 'em laugh:
Coupe: "Jane is crazy as a bucket of d***s. She is crazy, crazy ... if you think about it, that would be crazy. Literally nuts. Or severed from the nuts."

Cuthbert: "I mean, I'm still a punchline, don't get me wrong, but I'm getting to be more involved and a part of the comedy, which is what I'm here for and what I wanted to do. It's been great to sort of discover what it is in comedy that I do well. It turns out, I'm a big goof and I have a lot of fun making an idiot out of myself."

Knighton: "I love the comedy. I'm kind of the straight man on the show, but when they do give me that stuff, I embrace it fully. I love it. Nobody's really the straight man here."

Caspe: "We have this crazy deep cast where everybody is funny in a different way ... they make everything funny."

'Happy Endings' Season 2 premieres Wed., Sept. 28, 9:30PM ET on ABC

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