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October 7, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance Canada': Down to the Top 6

by Bryan Cairns, posted Aug 31st 2011 2:15PM

With the threat of a double elimination looming, 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada's Top 8 put everything on the line Monday. No one disappointed, but in the end, ballroom dancer Denitsa Ikonomova and jazz dancer Adam LoPapa were cut.

This morning, the talented twosome spoke exclusively to AOL TV Canada about clothes, sex appeal and owning the stage.

How much fun was it vogueing in last night's opening number?
Denitsa: Oh my God! It was so exciting because, first of all, I love Madonna and the song. It was just so different from anything I've ever done. And working with choreographer Sean Cheesman made it one of the best dances. He's so amazing, such a great person, such a great choreographer, knows how to make people feel good and dance their hearts out.

Adam: It was pretty fun. I had never vogued before, so it was a new experience. What made it even better was working with Sean again. He just made it a blast for us.

After your respective samba and hip-hop routines, were you nervous about the results?
Denitsa: No, I felt good about everything I've done so far. I gave my all and my best. Whatever happened, I was just so proud of myself and for reaching this far. Of course, I would have been happier if I stayed, but I'm pretty content with what I accomplished.

Adam: I always expected the worst, but hoped for the best on Tuesdays. I was prepared for whatever came my way. I was happy to go out with a bang and have great results for my last show there.

Denitsa, you already had strong outside connections with fellow contestant Christian before 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada.' How thrilled were you to finally be paired with him?
Denitsa: Yeah, it was so exciting. I never expected it because they've never paired two real-life partners on the show. I didn't have to think about connections or somebody leading me. It was very stress-relieving.

Adam, host Leah Miller joked about you taking off your shirt again and you were kind enough to count out your eight-pack abs. Why is sex appeal such an important component to this competition?
Adam: To be honest, I'm not sure why that is, but it works. All the viewers really love it and enjoy when they see someone on stage having fun or using their sexual appeal.

You've both squeezed into some pretty colourful, steamy and tight outfits. Which was the toughest one to dance in?
Denitsa: I had a little wardrobe malfunction with my Bollywood number. That made it pretty difficult because my dress kept falling. In that routine, I had to dance in four-inch heels as well. Except for that, I've loved all my outfits and you just have to work it.

Adam: The most difficult was probably the vogueing one because we were in a full suit. It was hard to dance in that and be full out at the same time. It was pretty hot wearing it too, so we were sweating like crazy.

It's surprising you're able to execute all your trademark back flips in jeans.
Adam: It's funny because I'd always go shopping with Shane or Christian. To make sure the jeans we'd pick out were stretchy enough, we'd be doing jumps, kicks and lunges in the middle of the store. Everyone would be looking at us kind of crazy.

In week two, Gustavo Vargas mentored you in the Brazilian samba, Adam. What's the secret to a good booty shake, and do your friends request demonstrations?
Adam: The secret to a good booty shake is to just shake. Don't think about it, relax your hips, relax your body, just go with the flow and the rhythm of the music. And no, my friends haven't asked for any demonstrations and I hope they never do. I don't think I could shake that well again.

Which choreographer challenged you the most, Denitsa?
Denitsa: I feel the one that pushed me the most was Sabrina Matthews. She wanted me to do well and really took me out of my comfort zone. She just pushed me to my limits until I was finally able to connect to her piece and perform it.

What will both of you miss the most about this whole experience?
Denitsa: I'm going to miss the atmosphere because it was so friendly. I never imagined there wouldn't be any competitiveness among each other, but there was so much love and friendship. Of course, I'm going to miss dancing, but I'll continue doing that in real life, so I will miss the Top 22 dancers the most.

Adam: This whole experience was amazing. I am going to keep dancing, so obviously I won't miss that as much. I'm going to miss everyone there and for being so supportive, but I'm going to see them in three days when we start the finale rehearsals, so it will be great to see everyone again.

Don't miss the 'So You Think You Can Dance Canada' finale on Sunday, September 11 on CTV.

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