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June 30, 2015
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From a Wedding to Trapped in a Blazing Inferno on 'Rescue Me' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 1st 2011 3:45AM
'Rescue Me' - 'Vows'Holy cow, how the time flies. Did your realize next week is the final episode of 'Rescue Me' (Wed., 10PM ET on FX)? Kind of adds new weight to the declaration made in this episode that Colleen's wedding may be the last happy occasion the Gavins ever have together.

This penultimate episode was weighted toward Colleen's big day for the bulk of it, with the tail-end setting up a terrifying and dramatic cliffhanger that will feed whatever ending the writers and producers have come up with for Tommy and the crew of Ladder 62.

As 'Rescue Me' does very well, the wedding scene was the perfect blend of humor and drama, with Tommy opening it by horning his way into walking his daughter down the aisle, against the express wishes of everyone there. But when has Tommy not put his own wishes before anyone else?

Later, the Gavins made a vow not to drink, but unfortunately Sheila decided that she was okay to drink champagne. So, in a fun twist, it wasn't any of the Gavins that became the obnoxious drunk at the wedding, but rather Sheila. She stole the best man's speech and coerced Tommy and Janet into renewing their vows.

In her vow for Tommy to recite, Janet worked in a promise from him to quit running into fires and settle into a desk job or something else much safer, and that's what has me a little worried with how the episode wound up. That's just asking for him to die in a fire before he can fulfill the promise, which he reluctantly made.

The wedding was really the culmination of the Gavin story. Sheila reconnected with Mickey for a purely physical fling and everyone else stuck to their word and managed to stay sober. It's about as good a position as we could want to leave any of them.

Which means the finale can be for Ladder 62, by which I mean whichever of them and however many of them get out of the blazing inferno they're trapped in by the end of this week's episode. I loved the jarring transition from the wedding to this fire, because it echoes perfectly the life of a firefighter on-call. It can all change in an instant.

Just before that final explosion, Lou told Tommy, "Well be fine. Trust me." But we know that's not going to be the case for everyone. Damian was proof that the writers weren't afraid to destroy these people's lives. Anyone who stuck for the previews knows that this will end in darkness for someone or someones.

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