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October 10, 2015
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Louis Can't Talk to His 13-Year Old Niece, But Godfrey Can, on 'Louie' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 6:40AM
Amy, 'Louie'So far, we've seen Louis C.K. interacting with his own daughters on 'Louie' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX), but they're young enough that he's still kind of the hero in their life story. It's an easy role to play, and it certainly makes talking with them easier.

This week, he got a sneak peek at the challenges in keeping those lines of communication open as they get older when he tried to talk with his 13-year old niece, Amy. He simply could not get through to her, and it's because he was focusing on talking to the kid in front of him.

But 13-year olds are only partly kids. They're also partly adult, and that's the part they're desperately trying to grow and live in most of the time. So you have to talk to them like an independent person with thoughts and opinions of their own that may be completely alien to your own world view.

They're developing their independence, and Louis clearly isn't ready for that. He did get to see his friend Godfrey get through to Amy, though, by simply talking to her and perhaps more importantly listening to her and accepting her views as valid, even if he updated or corrected them.

Louis must have thought he took careful notes, though, because later he decided to come at Amy like an adult, forgetting that you can't turn off the filters completely. She's still undeveloped and still a child. It's hard to talk to a teenager, which may be why so many parents struggle through those years. Let's face it, we mean most parents struggle through those years.

But he took an important first step by talking to her candidly and openly, even if responding to a criticism against him by telling her her father ran out on her wasn't the best choice. He's going to have time to practice, though, as he's apparently going to be Amy's guardian while her mother is in the hospital.

It's a good thing for Louis as he clearly needs the practice in relating to people who aren't like him, as Godfrey put it. It remains to be seen how long the writers will keep Amy around. It could certainly add a new dimension to the show and to Louis' worldview, so we'd be okay with her sticking around for a bit. Plus, like Godfrey, we like her, too. She's all right.

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