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September 4, 2015

'Bachelor Pad': Top 5 Awkward Moments in Episode 5

by Laura Prudom, posted Sep 6th 2011 2:15PM
Bachelor PadBlake has made so many inadvisable beds this season on 'Bachelor Pad,' it's kind of miraculous that he finally found one he didn't want to lie in -- but if there's one contestant who can't even make sexy lingerie sound appealing, it's Erica.

Tensions were high in the mansion this week, with Holly torn between Blake and Michael in a very real way, while Kasey and Vienna reached new depths of ickiness. I'm just amazed that Michelle has done a complete personality 180 since Brad's season, and has emerged as the lone voice of reason in the house; who'd have thunk it?

Read on for our top five awkward moments from the penultimate episode of 'Bachelor Pad' season 2.

1. The Nearly-Wed Game
Both awkward and hilarious: Vienna and Kasey entering the contest so confidently, then crashing and burning so spectacularly. The key to the game was communication, which is obviously something that the house's longest running couple suck at -- and Michael and Holly didn't fare much better, mostly due to Michael's stubborn insistence on pretending that Blake didn't exist. Michelle and Graham kicked ass with their cheating (or "strategizing") although they clearly should've picked a higher number than 7, since we know 'Bachelor Pad' always goes for the tackiest questions, so a virginity option was somewhat of an inevitability.

2. No Means No, Kasey
After weeks of vomit-inducing PDA, cringeworthy singing and baffling tattoo flexing, Kasey hit a new low by emotionally blackmailing Vienna into sex. We can try and spin that however we want, and it's not like Vienna was an arbiter of good taste in agreeing to date Kasey in the first place, but the fact remains that he did offer her an ultimatum, threatening to leave the house (and thus, force her to leave) if she didn't come downstairs and "cuddle" with him (while he was on top of her, and under the covers, obviously). Haven't you always wanted to see an abusive boyfriend in action on national television? Disgusting. I'm not kidding when I say that ABC should be running domestic abuse helpline numbers after the show -- Bravo did it with 'Real Housewives' for suicide prevention, and whether it's played off for our amusement or not, this is just as much of an issue.

3. No Means No, Erica
Someone else who's obviously in need of a lesson on boundaries is Erica, who tried to do the exact same thing to Blake during their one-on-one date, attempting to manipulate him into bed with her for the sake of appearances, then trying to belittle him when he refused. The only moment I've respected Blake during this entire season was when he rightly pointed out the double-standard of her pressuring him, when a man trying to do the same thing to her after boasting about having condoms would've looked disgusting (I hope you're making notes at home, Kasey). Lucky for Blake, he had the option of saying no, and called the date off early, much to Erica's chagrin. Someone call Sexual Harassment Panda, stat!

4. Kasey and Vienna Are Safe?!
The dumbest move Blake and Erica could possibly make was trusting Kasey and Vienna (a trap that every exiting couple seems to fall into, and no-one else seems to learn from) rather than choosing to save Ella and Kirk with their bonus roses. After their constant fighting, Team Guard and Protect were probably an even bigger target than Blake was, so of course it makes sense to save them over the adorable couple with the sob story! The sky is purple and up is down to these people. The house could've finally killed the hydra that is Kasey and Vienna, and Holly wouldn't have had to choose between her fellas, but instead, we have to endure Kasey and Vienna for another week. Wah-wah!

5. Holly Sending Blake Home
I'm not sure what was more awkward; Michael walking in on Blake and Holly making out, or Holly bursting into tears at the prospect of sending Blake home and needing Ella to comfort her, when the single mom was the one she'd be kicking out if she saved her crush. I have so much respect for the way Ella refused to plead her own case while Holly was upset -- you know that Vienna or Erica wouldn't have resisted a chance to slip in a little manipulation along with the sage advice. Thankfully, sanity prevailed and Blake and Erica finally made their long overdue limo trip home, with the zombie-like Erica complaining about Holly screwing them over, and Blake blushing like a schoolgirl over Holly's farewell note. I definitely won't miss that tiara ...

Watch last night's episode below:

The 'Bachelor Pad' finale airs next Monday at 8PM ET on ABC.

Are you relieved to finally see Blake and Erica exit, or were you rooting for him to make things work with Holly? Is Kasey as disturbing to you as he is to me? Which couple do you want to win next week? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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I'm extremely happy that "the weasel" Blake, is FINALLY gone! But, I'm gonna miss the "freak-show" that IS Ericka! She kept me cracked up in a house full of slimy, two-timing, phony jerks! I'll tell ya something ... if I'm Michael, and I walk out and see my "ex" (who I've told several times that I have fallen in love with ...AGAIN), kissing and laughing and kissing and laying in another man's lap ... then I go straight upstairs and pack my bags and LEAVE! The money is definitely NOT worth getting your heart (♥) ripped out and stomped on, over and over, and over and over, and ... ! Holly lost my respect last nite ... she should just flat-out TELL Michael that she wants to pursue Blake, to see if there really is anything there! No, she wants her cake, and she wants to eat it too!
It really IS sad that the "voice of reason" in this house is Michele The weird, wicked, "fruitcake" from The Bachelor, not more than a few months ago, is suddenly intelligent and a shoulder for everyone to cry on? Unreal!

September 07 2011 at 11:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Katherine Carter-Jen

Kirk & Ella all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 06 2011 at 3:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Katherine Carter-Jen

Kirk and Ella should win for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 06 2011 at 3:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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