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August 31, 2015

'Bachelor Pad': Top 5 Awkward Moments in the Season Finale

by Laura Prudom, posted Sep 13th 2011 5:00AM
Bachelor Pad finaleAnother tear-stained season of 'Bachelor Pad' has come to a close, filled with more fights, more feuds, and more than a few revelations (even though many of them were ruined by the media long before the episode actually aired).

Jake and Vienna, Vienna and Kasey, Melissa and Blake, Blake and Holly, Holly and Michael, Erica and gavel -- it's hard to keep track, but by gum, I tried!

Summer is most certainly over and we have blah-blah-Ben to "look forward to" as our next 'Bachelor,' so let's savor the trashy triumph of 'BP' while we still can and look back at the top five most awkward moments from the 'Bachelor Pad' season finale.

1. Michael learning about Holly and Blake's engagement on national television
If you keep up with 'Bachelor' news online, you were probably already aware of Holly and Blake's whirlwind engagement, which means you were about five steps ahead of poor Michael, who not only didn't get a heads up from the happy couple before the finale was taped, but apparently didn't even get a hint from Holly while they were waiting in the green room before the announcement to the audience. The poor dude really was the last to know, which makes for great reality TV (in true shameless 'Bachelor Pad' style) but probably wasn't very sympathetic to the lovelorn fella's feelings, since he probably felt kind of like he walked right into a buzzsaw as soon as he came on stage. He's still clearly in love with Holly, and many of us were rooting for the starcrossed couple, but whether we like Blake or not (and I don't, particularly) it's obvious that Holly is head over heels for the guy, and it was sweet that Michael gave them his blessing and didn't try to run off with all of the prize money out of spite. They certainly had a more amicable parting than ...

2. Ames and Jackie
Yikes. Was it his flamboyant taste in clothing, or her vague resemblance to Lea Michele that was their undoing? We'll never know, since Jackie still seemed baffled and Ames wasn't talking during the interview portion of the finale, and though I kind of can't blame him for not wanting to air their dirty laundry in front of millions (take note, Vienna and Kasey), it seems like there's not a whole lot of closure for this couple, which will leave us all to speculate endlessly. Such a waste of a romantic limo ride!

3. Kasey's Konscience
Once upon a time, Kasey was just an earnest young lad who tried to impress a 'Bachelorette' with an ill-conceived tattoo and (unsurprisingly) got the literal cold shoulder because of it, but since then ... he's kind of turned into a megalomaniacal douche, hasn't he? Maybe it's just the effect that Vienna has on men (I can't blame them for losing their ever-loving minds from proximity to her) but he's been crude, domineering, arrogant, obnoxious and just plain delusional over the course of 'Bachelor Pad,' and I'm not entirely sure that I buy the "changed man" routine that he was peddling during the finale. Certainly, you can regret the things you said in the heat of the moment, and feel embarrassed at putting on such an insane performance in front of the masses, but that attitude wasn't completely fabricated by the stresses of the game. The kid has obviously got a dark side and, as he said, his relationship with Vienna was far from healthy, so is it smart for them to continue the relationship regardless? I don't think so. Still, at this point, it's doubtful that either of them would find anyone else crazy enough to date either one of them, so I wish them both good luck and plenty of headache pills.

4. Melissa and Blake, redux
I don't care how much she denies it -- Melissa's constant meltdowns at Blake were not simply a product of being "blindsided" by Blake's interest in Holly; her jealousy and pride definitely played a huge role in their fights. I also didn't really appreciate the way Blake tried to whitewash his own culpability away while he was in the hot seat, because some of the things he said were utterly disgusting, but both of them were equally as misguided as each other in the dissolution of their partnership, and blaming the "emotionally unstable" woman just seemed like a cop out.

5. Erica and the gavel, part 6
Seriously, Chris Harrison, "legal expert" Erica? I thought we'd seen the last of that damn plastic gavel and tiara, but that was just a foolish dream -- damn my eternal optimism! Also awkward: That Vienna and Kasey came to stay with Erica? When did this friendship suddenly materialize? Does crazy just attract crazy, like a couple of mentally unhinged magnets? Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during that visit ...

So, 'Bachelor Pad' is over for another season -- do you think that Holly and Blake chose not to tell Michael about the engagement just for the sake of good TV, or do you think it was a strategy to win sympathy votes for the final prize? Do you think Michael and Holly deserved to win, or were you rooting for one of the other couples (like poor Kirk and Ella)? Share your reactions below!

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