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October 7, 2015

'How I Met Your Mother' Season 7: Weddings, Song and Dance Numbers & a Baby

by Maggie Furlong, posted Sep 19th 2011 6:30PM
'How I Met You Mother' kicks off its seventh season tonight (premieres Mon., Sept. 19, 8PM ET on CBS), and fans will get a nice dose of singing and dancing, some auto-tuned Ted, two weddings and some flashbacks.

I hit the set during a particularly boob-tastic day of shooting this season, with Lily finally showing the first signs of pregnancy, but there were even more exciting things to talk about.

'How I Met Your Mother'

Like what guest stars Martin Short and Kal Penn will be up to, what sort of love triangles we'll be seeing this season (Barney and Robin and Ted? Really?!), lots of wedding talk and, of course, Marshall and Lily's bundle of joy.

We love them as a couple, and we can't wait to meet their kid, but are they really prepared to be parents? "Lily's a kindergarten teacher, she's married to Marshall ... she's good at handling tantrums," star Alyson Hannigan said with a laugh.

And are they worried that a baby will mess up the group dynamic? "We've been going strong for seven years now," star Jason Segel said. "I think you need to keep it interesting."

But when we got down to the million dollar question -- boy or girl? -- there were some very surprising answers. Eagle-eyed fans, do you know the sex of the baby already? Keep reading for more goodies on the new season from Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, Segel and Hannigan ...

There is a whole lot of boob talk today ...
Segel: "A lot of boob talk today. My TV wife is pregnant, and she's boobing it up."

Hannigan: "They are out and they are proud. I wish that I could take credit for them ... they're not mine, they're wardrobe's. This is really the first sort of coming out party for the whole pregnancy. It's all boobs. We found out what Victoria's Secret is."

Smulders: "She's very newly pregnant at the moment, so right now we're just all enjoying her breasts. That is about as far as we've gotten in the storyline."

Where do we pick up with everybody at the start of the season?
Hannigan: "The first two episodes kind of address the set-up -- where everybody is at, you know, sort of setting up how the season looks like it might go. Robin and Barney, and now Norah ... [sigh]"

Radnor: "We start at a wedding. Actually there's two weddings in the first episode. We pick up at the wedding wedding, and then we flash back to another wedding -- Punchy's wedding."

Is that Punchy's wedding? The photo of you that was released?
Radnor: "That's a flashback to another wedding. Ted's given Best Man toasts at a lot of weddings, and they haven't gone well. There's a kind of auto-tuned video of Ted that our friend Punchy released. Punchy keeps videotaping him and embarrassing him, then releasing them online, all these breakdowns in these wedding toasts."

So I hear there are musical happenings in the premiere episode. Who all is involved?
Smulders: "There's always musical happenings here. We like our musical things. In our first episode back, Barney and Robin have a moment where they realize that they've got some pretty hot and steamy chemistry. Which takes place within a dance routine. It's gonna be pretty fun ... and it's in present day."

Is Nora still in the picture?
Smulders: "She is. She's very much on Barney's mind, and Robin is definitely liking Barney more than he is liking her. I don't even think it's crossed his mind. He's very smitten at the moment with that other woman."

How does Robin get men interested in her? What are her methods?
Smulders: "Violence. Manipulation of alcohol. [Laughs] Those are all true. I think she's sort of torn at the moment ... I think she's trying to figure out what she should do. If she should be the bigger woman and allow him to have his happiness with this other woman, or should she step in and try to claim him?"

How much of this season will revolve around Marshall and Lily's pregnancy? And is the gang excited for it?
Hannigan: "So far -- we're shooting the third episode today -- we haven't really gotten into the whole thing, but it's starting to happen. Right now with the boob thing, then the next episode there could be a little freak-outage."

Smulders: "I think we have a couple episodes coming up where the guys are more involved. Marshall being the dad, and Ted ... Ted, Marshall and Lily have that history, they basically grew up together, so this is a very big deal for Ted, this baby."

Segel: "I'm so ready for it, because I, as a person, know nothing about any of that stuff, so it'll be a real crash course for me. I'm terrified of babies. I feel like Marshall has been dying to be a dad for a long time. He loved his dad so much and looked up to him so much, I think there's some self-imposed pressure on him to be that good ... but I think he'll be a good dad.

Will we meet the baby by the end of the season?
Hannigan: "Hopefully! Yeah, I mean, I don't want to be pregnant for a couple of seasons. That'd be weird."

Segel: "That I don't know!"

Do you think it'll be a boy or a girl?
Hannigan: "Um, I think it might've already been established. Hasn't it already? I think we've already addressed it. We know Lily definitely wants a girl, and Marshall definitely wants a boy, but I think our super fans will actually know what I'm having because it has been said. It has been said. I mean ... yeah. Obviously there's room to play, but we definitely know, in the future, what we have. Now you have to go watch every single episode!"

Segel: "Really? That's more hardcore than I am ... I still don't even know if it's Marshall's! [Laughs]"

Robin is still really harboring feelings for Barney -- does she not have any feelings for Ted anymore?
Radnor: "I think she does! You'll have to keep watching."

Smulders: "I think ... you know, there's so much history involved with both those people. Ted was really like one of her first big loves, and it was definitely a very emotional relationship. And Barney is more that they've just got such great chemistry, and they have a lot of fun together. So there's a bit of a triangle there, but right now, at this moment, she's very much vying for Barney."

What can you tell us about Kal Penn coming on to guest stars this season?
Smulders: "Kal Penn is popping up in later episodes ... I hear he's going to be somewhat of a romantic interest for Robin. I hope so -- he's a handsome man, I'll take it! I'm lucky because I get all the guys. I get to have new boyfriends like every couple of weeks. She sleeps around!"

And Martin Short!
Smulders: "Martin Short is playing Marshall's new boss, and so far he's only come in for a day to do green screen, but I met him -- he's delightful, and it's so cool to be able to have such a comical genius on our show."

Segel: "We've only done one episode together so far, Martin and I, but I mean, the fact that somebody like that ... I mean, he's a comic icon ... would want to be part of our show is very flattering. He's awesome. He could not have been nicer and more fun to work with. He's just hilariously funny."

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robin sparkles14


if you're a HIMYM fan and you're looking for awesome theories on whos the mom, and spoilers for season 7, I have them on my blog: http://slapbetcommisioners.blogspot.com/

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Anthony Wickizer

The sex of the baby was said in "Last Cigarette Ever" it's when Marshall stopped smoking.

September 19 2011 at 7:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

very nice

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