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October 9, 2015

'Camelot' Hunk Peter Mooney on Sword Fighting, Love Triangles and Leather Pants

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Sep 26th 2011 2:00PM
peter mooney, camelotHave you been watching 'Camelot'? If not, you're missing out. The epic series premiered in mid-September, and it over-delivers on its promise of sexy medieval tales. Even if you think you know all there is to know about the famous Arthurian legend, the series re-imagines it with an intriguing new perspective.

'Camelot' boasts an all-star cast including Joseph Fiennes ('Shakespeare in Love'), Bond Girl Eva Green ('Casino Royale') and Jamie Campbell Bower ('The Twilight Saga') as King Arthur. Canadian up-and-comer Peter Mooney co-stars as Arthur's loyal brother Kay.

AOL TV caught up with Mooney while he was driving to pick his Dad up from the airport (awww). We chatted about what makes this 'Camelot' so different, his newfound appreciation for leather pants and the inevitable 'Game of Thrones' comparisons.

There are a lot of big stars in this. Was your first day of shooting intimidating?
Luckily we had a horse-riding/sword-fighting boot camp beforehand. That really helped in getting to know everyone. But the first table read was intimidating.

Tell me more about this horse-riding/sword-fighting boot camp!
It was so much fun. It was bonding time for the guys, too, which was awesome. We spent three weeks at the studios and just had a fantastic time.

What's it like working with people like Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes and Jamie Campbell Bower?
They're all super cool, and all really committed actors. There's that initial shock when you first get in there and see them and meet them, but we're all just plugging away doing the same thing. It was great. They're all great people and really down to earth. I lucked out with that for sure.

This is being billed as Camelot as it's never been told before. What makes it so different from your perspective?
When you're dealing with anything like Arthurian legends or stories that are so familiar to people, if you're going to tell them you have to address the question of why. I think what we tried to do with this story was go to the root of the myth and try and see what might have been the inspiration behind the myth. What might have been the actual story that led to the myth itself, which was really neat. We see the actual human interactions that were the cause of these myths that have lived on.

There are certainly a lot of "human interactions." Can you give some hints about the kinds of relationships and hookups we might see as the season progresses?
Oh, you're going to see a few! There are well-known love triangles with Guinevere and Arthur and there's all kinds of complex, interwoven ones that have to do with relationships and love and lust, but also power struggles and attempted coups. But I'll leave those to be revealed in the season.

Who do you think this show will appeal to?
It's young, sexy, hip and beautifully shot... and the locations are stunning so it's going to appeal to a wide breadth of people.

Are you hearing any comparisons to 'Game of Thrones' at all?
[Laughs] I am! In a lot of ways, that's there. They are both period pieces. But 'Game of Thrones' is more fantasy and this is more mythological pseudo-history. And in tone they're very different. 'Game of Thrones' is a much darker world I think. It's a very savage world in 'Camelot,' but there's still a lot of hope in it.

I've read that there will only be one season, do you know if that's true?
It is true, sadly. I don't know what the details are or what the story was behind that, but we've only filmed one season and we lost our American partner Starz. Even though there's just the one ten-episode season, it's definitely got a great story journey through that. So I think it will still be something that viewers can get into and invest in even though it's a limited engagement.

What was your favorite moment filming this?
Jamie and I learned how to jump off a moving horse for a semi-stunt, which was awesome rehearsing at the stables in track pants. But then getting on set and trying to do that in leather pants was a whole other debacle! And really the dynamic between the guys, the Knights of the Round Table and Jamie as Arthur, was so great and unparalleled in anything I've ever worked on.

Did you pick up any new favorite wardrobe pieces? Did you take those leather pants with you?
Sadly, I couldn't integrate much of what I wore on that show into my real life! [Laughs] The leather pants died in that horse stunt. Otherwise I'd be wearing them right now. They were pretty cool.

What's up next for you?
I'm a month into filming 'Rookie Blue.' They've started their third season and I've come on as a new rookie. All their rookies have risen in the ranks to become full-fledged cops. So they either had to change the name to 'Blue' or write in a new rookie.

Have they done any hazing?
Everyone's been really, really warm. A few light on-set practical jokes, but nothing too intense!

'Camelot' airs on CBC Television on Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT.

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