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August 31, 2015

'Raising Hope' Stars Tease Sabrina's Reveal, Heading to Vegas & Dream Guest Stars

by Maggie Furlong, posted Sep 27th 2011 8:15PM

We've gotten cozy hanging out in the Chance house on 'Raising Hope,' but tonight's episode (Tues., Sept. 27, 9:30PM ET on Fox) has the crew moving on up.

See, Sabrina doesn't really have to work at the grocery store. Truth is, she comes from money -- like sick mansions and fancy yachts kind of money -- and this week the Chance family will get to meet her crazy, gun-toting father Cap, played by the fabulously funny Stephen Root.

I visited the show while they were on location at Cap's mansion to see everyone all dressed up (Virginia's wearing lipstick! Jimmy and Burt are in short-sleeved button-downs!) and to find out what we'll learn about wealthy Sabrina's past.

We also talked about the family's upcoming trip to Las Vegas, more planned flashbacks (Drakkar Noir, anyone?) and the return of talented young Jimmy, played by Greyson Chance who we saw in last week's premiere. "They've found a way to only hire more attractive and more talented people to play younger versions of Jimmy," Lucas Neff laughed. "Jimmy's one of those people who peaked young."

Keep reading for more from stars Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt, Shannon Woodward and Lucas Neff, as well as series creator Greg Garcia and guest star Stephen Root.

So Sabrina is rich, huh?
Dillahunt: "Yeah, today we're at Sabrina's childhood home, which is bigger than we expected. We're dealing with this new-found knowledge about Sabrina. We have a lot of stereotypes in our heads about rich people and about poor people. So we have to deal with those."

Plimpton: "Jimmy becomes convinced that Sabrina is embarrassed of her friendship with him, and that that's why she's hiding the fact that she's rich. So she wants to prove that she's not embarrassed of us, she's embarrassed by her family. So she brings us here to meet her father."

Neff: "It reveals a bit of how and why she is the way she is around other people. I think it's sort of a window in. The show's about family and how you get to know someone. Sabrina gets to know Jimmy better through everyone else, and so it's the same in reverse. Jimmy can only begin to understand her better -- and I think probably like her more, at the end of the day, if that's possible -- through meeting her dad. Her crazy, awesome dad played by Stephen Root."

Woodward: "Just because she came from it ... you know, it's not really who she is. She supports herself and she wants to make something of herself and feel responsible for her own success or failure. We kind of deal with that in this episode: Why does she work at the grocery store? What is she really doing there? And what is it about that that's keeping her stuck and maybe a little ambitionless? Jimmy kind of calls her out on that. She's just a little bit of an underachiever."

Garcia: "As we open up Sabrina's world and learn more about her family and stuff, we do want to see more of them. And we do like the idea of kind of the two worlds clashing a little bit. The different economic statuses ... it's a little bit different to play."

Stephen RootAnd Stephen Root is the perfect choice to play Sabrina's dad.
Woodward: "He's amazing. He's so funny. I'm so glad he's here ... we're so lucky. I'd imagine he'll come back at some point, though he's quite a busy guy."

Plimpton: "Stephen Root ... I'm very excited that he's here. That's a major coup! That's a major casting coup. He's the real deal."

Dillahunt: "Stephen Root ... what can you say? I can't tell you how many people on my new Twitter account -- @GarrettDillahunt -- have tweeted me, like 'Ask him if he's found his stapler!'"

Root: "I'm happy to be with them -- it's a great group and a fun show. It's nice to do a half-hour sitcom. I haven't done one in a while. It's set up that it's something that could recur."

What can you tell us about Cap?
Root: "He's wealthy and he likes to hit on his daughter's friends. And he's got some gun skills -- it was fun playing with a gun. I've always wanted to go skeet shooting ... here's my chance, and it's on camera. He's somewhat of a decent guy, but he hasn't had a chance to really bond with his daughter."

I love anything that brings Sabrina and Jimmy closer. Do you think Sabrina will realize soon -- maybe even this season -- that Jimmy was the Drakkar Noir goth guy she fell in love with in flashbacks?
Woodward: "I don't know -- I haven't asked about any of that stuff yet. I loved doing that episode, it was fun. Greg directed it, and also I feel like I'm better at playing a weirdo than I am at playing cool. Because I'm not cool, and I don't really know how to act that way. So I was really excited when they said, 'You can have braces.' I was like, 'Can I have a lisp?' [Laughs] I was really campaigning for that lisp. I also really wanted to wear a Kelly Clarkson t-shirt so I could sing, 'Sing You've Been Gone.' [Laughs] I want to do more flashback episodes just so I can be brace-face Sabrina all the time."

And I can't wait to see all of you in Vegas this season!
Dillahunt: "Yeah, we're going to Vegas! And this is something the [writers here] are good at -- we know, from what we've established about these characters, that Burt could have a little gambling problem. So Vegas could be a dangerous place for him."

Plimpton: "He's got a history, a little bit of a gambling problem that we established in Season 1, so we'll see how he deals with being in Vegas."

Baby Hope is growing up so fast ...
Neff: "Right? By Season 5 I'm gonna be getting her coffees and handling her Blackberry. [Laughs] It's terrifying."

Who's the best with the twin girls on set?
Plimpton: "Shannon has the most playtime and fun time with them -- Shannon is a natural with kids. They just love her, they light up ... they just adore her. Me, they kind of just go dead inside anytime I'm near them. I don't know what it is about me and babies, but babies seem to be sapped of their will to live the second I come around. Garrett's really good with them and he always makes them laugh. And Lucas wants to like own them and take them home. He's very attached to them."

Who are your dream guest stars?
Garcia: "Sean Penn."

Neff: "I know that Martha and Shannon would probably dig Ryan Gosling coming on. Just to do push-ups or something. We've thrown Helen Mirren around ... we've bandied that name around quite a bit, and it doesn't seem to have made any impressions on the Dame. But if we could get Stephen Hawking or the MythBusters or a Sesame Street character, that would be really cool."

Plimpton: "I think we should get John Malkovich on here for an episode."

Dillahunt: "We don't know Burt's family or parents -- we've met a brother [played by J.K. Simmons], but we haven't met my parents of any other siblings. Brad Pitt. Sammy Rockwell. They'd be good on this, and they'd have fun."

Tell us: What would you like to see happen on 'Raising Hope'?

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What an awesome episode. I think Raising Hope takes tired sitcom cliches and turns them into really original storytelling! And Stephen Root was great as Cap. He has been in everything, and he also kinda looks like Rip Torne, don't you think?

Here's our review of the episode, if you want some more insight:


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