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October 13, 2015

'Nikita' Guest Star Devon Sawa Talks Owen's Return and a Potential Romance with Alex

by Laura Prudom, posted Sep 28th 2011 11:00AM
Devon SawaThe last time we saw Devon Sawa's rogue agent Owen on 'Nikita,' he was preparing to go AWOL to try and wean himself off a dangerous, performance-enhancing drug masterminded by Division.

When the troubled assassin returns in this week's episode (Fri., Sept. 30, 8PM ET on The CW), he'll be seeking Nikita's (Maggie Q.) help in tracking down the doctor who created the regimen, and will inevitably find himself drawn into her latest mission to take down the corrupt government agency. And did we mention he'll be wearing a tuxedo?

We caught up with Sawa to preview Owen's return, hear his favorite part of shooting the show and learn what he thinks of the enthusiastic fan support for a romance between his character and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) -- even though the two haven't actually met yet. Join us after the jump for more.

Mild spoilers ahead.

So Owen is back in episode two; what can you tell us about the episode?
Owen is back and Owen is still looking for a way off the regimen; he's not crazy like he was the last time we saw him, but I guess he's really trying to find a cure before he gets that way again, so that's his whole world right now.

Does this episode play into the larger arc of the season in any specific way?
I know bits and pieces, but I don't know much -- I don't know how much I can say either! I mean, the end of this episode, I think it's going to blow the people's minds. There's going to be a lot of jaws dropping to the floor ...

Devon Sawa and Shane WestWe've seen some wonderful pictures of you and Shane in tuxes, can you explain the set-up of that scene?
It's tough to try to look good next to that Shane West character, I'll tell you. No, I was happy that Owen, for a change, got to put something nice on. It was a good day to walk around in a tux, we had a lot of fun.

Lyndsy also tweeted a picture of you guys together on set, which seems to have excited the fans. Are you finally shooting a scene together?
We shot a scene together. We didn't have any interaction in the scene, but hopefully sometime in the future. I love Lyndsy; I think Lyndsy is one of the draws to the show for me, I think she's a talented little actress and I'm hoping that one day we can do some stuff, but yeah, we're in a scene together.

Even though your characters had never actually met, some fans are very interested in the idea of an Owen/Alex romance, what's your reaction to that enthusiasm?
I've never really even thought about it! They're just such different characters in such different worlds, it'd be interesting to see what happens if Alex and Owen met. As of right now, I can tell you that there's no plans for that ... but you never know. I definitely think it would be interesting.

You've been in five episodes so far. Was it always intended to be a recurring role, or were you originally just chosen for one or two?
When they first met with Craig [Silverstein] on this, it was supposed to be two, possibly three episodes and I guess the fans are really liking Owen, so it's going on. Every time I get a call, I'm like, "Yes!" It's a great show to shoot. You go to work, you fire guns, you learn action scenes, there's great actors on the show, so I'm happy that it is what it is and it's still going.

I spoke to Maggie last week and she told me that what she loves about your character is that he seems to have a kind of innocence despite everything he's been through, almost like a puppy. Do you see Owen that way?
Yeah, I do see Owen that way. I think as much as he's an assassin and he's a killer and he's trained, he's very human. I think he looks at the Nikita character almost like himself, almost like a sister, you know what I mean? They have the same kind of path and they're dealing with the same stuff and I think that's why Nikita and Owen are so close. But yeah, he is kind of like a puppy, I suppose. I suppose you could look at it that way, but he's got a pretty ferocious bite! [Laughs]

What's his take on Nikita and Michael now that they're officially together and on the run?
At this point, there's no jealousy over the Nikita and Michael thing; Owen's got so much going on in his own world coming off the regimen, the black boxes, his past -- it doesn't affect him, Michael and Nikita.

Do you know when you'll be returning to the show, in terms of a specific time frame?
Well, I know that I am returning -- I don't know when! I know that there is definitely a larger storyline that we haven't completed yet. You're going to see some Owen this year, for sure.

What's your favorite part about playing Owen, and your least favorite?
The action sequences. Growing up in the film world, I had never done any action. I had done a lot of comedy and a lot of serious drama, never got to throw punches and shoot guns and that was definitely appealing. And working with the cast; the cast is all phenomenal and they're great to be around. Maggie has this leadership quality that's kind of unexplainable -- she's great and Shane's great. The least favorite thing is sometimes those action sequences are shot in the coldest weather you could imagine. I feel bad for complaining because I get to wear jackets and jeans and the girls have to wear small dresses and whatnot. That's the worst part about it, but you deal with it because the end result is pretty awesome.

Are you still doing your own stunts?Devon Sawa
We all do our own stunts, yeah. It was funny because the very first episode, I got to set and there was a guy dressed exactly like me, hair like me, you know, looked quite like me, and by the third episode, they just stopped dressing the guy. No more stunt guy! But yeah, I've done all my own stunts to date and I hope to continue to do it, even though I do come back to L.A. pretty banged up once in a while.

Is there a favorite scene you shot in this episode that you're excited for fans to see?
There is definitely a favorite scene ... and I can't talk about it! But I'm telling you, it's going to blow people's minds. They're going to be like, "Oh, my God," and no one's going to see it coming -- it's that good. Everybody's going to love it.

Do you have any other projects coming up? I read that you have a couple of movies in the works ...
Yeah, I was in a film that opened in the Toronto Film Festival, with Nick Stall and Mia Kirschner called '388 Arletta Avenue.' I did an MMA movie -- I'm a big fan of MMA and the UFC and some people approached me with an MMA script and I did that, that's called 'The Philly Kid.' It's for Joe Silver's company, coming out next spring sometime.

'Nikita' airs Fridays at 8PM ET on The CW.

Are you excited for Owen's return? Do you think there's potential for an Owen/Alex romance? Share your thoughts below!

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