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August 30, 2015

Q&A: Candice Accola of 'The Vampire Diaries' Has Real-Life Daddy Trouble, Too

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 29th 2011 12:30PM
Candice AccolaAt the end of last week's 'Vampire Diaries,' poor, abused Caroline Forbes was tied up in a dungeon-like basement (why are there so many freaky, torture-ready chambers in Mystic Falls?) as her heretofore unseen father, played by 'Heroes' star Jack Coleman, prepared to "fix" her so she wouldn't be a vampire anymore. Pretty heavy stuff for just the second episode of the season.

Having discussed Season 3 with Candice Accola, who plays Caroline, on the Atlanta-area 'Vampire Diaries' set just a few weeks ago, AOL TV knows that her character is safe (for now). Accola spilled plenty of scoop about Caroline's budding romance with werewolf Tyler, the sex scenes that make her dad uncomfortable, and Caroline's mindset this year, but she played coy about her impending daddy issues. Frankly, we're kind of worried that she's such a fantastic liar.

Okay. Tell me about Caroline and Tyler.
Caroline and Tyler. The writers have already come out to the press saying that they're really comparing it to Romeo and Juliet's love story, which is very very sweet and very romantic and thrilling, but they die at the end, which doesn't sound very exciting for Michael and myself in keeping a job! So, hopefully it's not too Romeo and Juliet.

Well, Julie Pleck describe their situation as, and I quote, "animalistic sexual tension."
Wow, my dad's going to be super uncomfortable. That's my biggest fear right now -- I'm terrified.

There was a very sexy scene in the Season 3 trailer.
Let's just say that what fans and viewers have to look forward to is my father, Kevin Accola, being very uncomfortable.

Will you tell him ahead of time?
Yeah, because I learned the first season. On episode two, when Caroline and Damon had their thing, I kind of warned him. And I called my mom to ask, "What happened?!" I guess there was a promo afterwards with Nina in a bra, and apparently he was like, "It's just not natural. It's just not natural. First it's my daughter, and then all of a sudden her friend, and they're children, and it's just not natural!" So, it's about to get real unnatural in Season 3. [Laughs.] Quote from the interview. "It's about to get real unnatural."

The Vampire DiariesIt seems that Caroline and Tyler might have mom issues because Mrs. Lockwood knows about vampires in town.
I will say that, coming into season three, Caroline and her mother have a great relationship. So as far as Caroline's concerned, with parental figures in her life everything is actually really really great. What I love about coming into this season is that the writers brought together the girls a little bit more, so there's a lot more Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline scenes. So in the midst of all of this drama going on, there's a birthday party, and the girls are about to go back to school. They bring back those fun, very teenage, nostalgic teenage moments. Not teenage in the sense of 'LOL!,' but nostalgic teenage moments that we all love so dearly on television and in high school-based television based shows. So in the realm of parental figures, Tyler might have some stressful situations coming up, but Caroline is pretty good. [Ed. note: How excellent of a liar is she?! No mention of the daddy situation.]

So how is Caroline's relationship with Bonnie and Elena?
I think the great thing about young girls becoming really great friends is ... that [attitude] of "I'm just going to be honest to your face, right now." What I love about how the writers work is that every supernatural experience is very humanized. If your friend is in a relationship and her boyfriend is being a complete non-existent D-bag who's not texting or calling her back, as her friend you're obligated and you should want to say something. It definitely creates opportunities for them to be honest again in their friendship.

How is Caroline taking Stefan being gone and going crazy? Because he's kind of a mentor to her.
To be frank, Caroline's very focused on party planning -- that's at the top of her list right now. Caroline's very good at being in denial, so if she has a party to focus on, that is the number one priority. Stefan's off doing crazy God-knows-what, and that's fine because Caroline does not have enough cups, and these are priorities, people!

That's good -- that's what high school girls should be thinking about.
Exactly. Party cups! Sponsored by Solo.

The Vampire DiariesWhat is Caroline's main goal for the year?
I've been asking the writers. [Laughs] To be quite honest, as much as the viewers think that all the writers have everything planned out, they do have a master plan but they don't let it really constrict them into really having to stick to it. Coming into the show we all heard these crazy master plans, and we all learned pretty quickly that things were subject to change. So you have to take it with a whole tablespoon of salt. Caroline's agenda right now thus far in the season is really just about her friends. She's finally found a secure place within herself, so it's nice that she's starting to focus her energy on her friends again. I think that in Season 1 she was very focused on herself as an insecure being, and just as she became comfortable, bam, she was turned into a vampire. So again, she had to do a lot of work on herself. Now she's pretty cool, still neurotic but pretty collected, so she's putting her energy into her friends.

My next question comes from Twitter. The people would love to know if Dana has interrupted anyone this season.
Dana does come back. Dana comes back for an episode this season. I know, I saw the Twitter picture of the 'Not Now Dana' pillow and I want one. So if you're watching, I will send you a thank you card, or a picture -- I'll try to get everyone on the cast to sign something for a 'Not Now Dana' pillow.

When the 'Not Now Dana' thing first started, I didn't know what people were talking about.
Oh yeah, it's become a thing now. Zach [Roerig, who plays Matt] actually has a couple of things that we all quote. It's gone by season. In the first season, the first half of it was, "Vicky, what the hell?!" 'cause he said that a lot. If you look back at the episodes he said, "Vicky, what the hell?!" a lot. His most recent was "Not now, Dana!" So Zach gets told that all the time. It's pretty hilarious.

The Vampire DiariesIt is. Do you want a catchphrase like that? People still come up to me and go, "Hi, Mom." Or "Everybody needs to stop kissing me!" You always know when you have a good one-liner when at least ten male crewmembers that you would never think would come up to you are excited for the line. For the "Hi, Mom" thing, like the week before shooting that scene I'd have all these different people go up to me and be like "Hi, Mom." Yep, that's what I get to say next week and now everyone's putting a lot of pressure on it, and now I do not want to mess up and make it lame! [Laughs]

It's kind of heartbreaking, too -- it's a sad line to quote!
I know! But of course I have blood, and after pistol-whipping two cops, and kicking Uncle Mason in the ... uh ... the bathing suit area.

I was wondering what you were gonna go with there.
I know, I was going through my Rolodex. Eh, I'll stick with "bathing suit area."

So, is Caroline going to kick some ass again this year?
Yes, Caroline gets her ass-kicking on.

Do you like doing those scenes?
I do! I do, the only thing is, I haven't done a lot of film work and I've never done a stunt in a film. I would assume that there's a little more prep time. With an episodic series, the stunt team works out the stunts ahead of time and you can see it on the video really quick, but once you get in there it's like, "boys will be boys." So they're like, "Yeah! So you kick someone! Grab them by the neck! And so and so's fighting! And you throw a hit! And you twirl around!" And you're like, "Yeah!" And the boys are like "Okay! Let's do this!" And I'm like, "Woah, woah, woah. I will be throwing my fist by your face -- like, safety police!" I'm the safety police every single time, because all it takes is that one black eye, and that would be a snow day in our world. So we'll see. If everyone gets that tired, I guess I'll throw a punch for the greater good. But the stunt scenes are very, very fun, and we have a great stunt team. But I am so neurotic -- I'm like the character and my mother when it comes to safety.

'The Vampire Diaries' airs Thursdays, 8PM ET on The CW

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