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August 29, 2015

'The Good Wife' Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 3rd 2011 12:15AM
The Good Wife['The Good Wife' - 'The Death Zone']

Not sure if I had too high expectations because Eddie Izzard was guest starring or the fact the lawyers were navigating foreign legal waters, but whatever it was, I was let down. This was not the most engaging or entertaining episode of the 'The Good Wife.'

With Alicia starting out saying "Nothing personal, but I have to rip your friend apart," I was expecting to be blown away, especially because the heroes of the story were in a foreign court.

The second episode of Season 2, 'Double Jeopardy,' saw Will and Alicia in military court and it was one of the best of the year. By displaying their weaknesses and savvy legal skills at the same time, it showed what these characters are made of. Did that happen in 'The Death Zone'? Not so much.

Lockhart/Gardner represented an author being sued for libel after he publishes a book claiming the plaintiff left his brother to die. The case is thrown out thanks to a very sassy Alicia, but it's able to be tried in British court because of the rascally James Thrush (Izzard). Lockhart/Gardner is victorious -- naturally -- and Will and Alicia share a little pinky petting. The episode was essentially a success story for some underdeveloped nothing of a character we'll probably never see again.

After last week's steamy sex scene, the writers toned it down this week. Besides the pinky play, Will and Alicia only talked about doing it in Will's bathroom. Diane saved us all from some Revolutionary War-themed intercourse.

For the first time in ... probably ever, I was more interested in Eli's story than I was the main case. I wanted to see more of what Kalinda was doing. Step aside Eli/Alicia, Alicia/Kalinda and Will/Diane, it's time for Eli/Kalinda to shine. What should their friendship team name be? Elinda? Keli?

Finally, Zach knows the truth. I'm interested in seeing how he interacts with Alicia and Peter from now on. Maybe a kid story that will actually be interesting.

Diane is a minx. Going to Alicia's house was smart, you can tell she knows something is up. After losing control of her firm last year, she is not going to be pleased when she finds out Alicia and Will are seeing each other.

The last scene between Will and Diane where Will promises to fire Alicia if it turns out Peter is gunning for her (he will be!) might be a major turning point in the series. What if Alicia is fired and goes to work at Louis Canning's firm?

What did you think of the episode? What will Diane do when she finds out about Alicia and Will?

Gasp count: 0.5. I let out a little noise when I saw the pinky play, but that was mainly because of my roommate's groan. She's not a fan of Will and Alicia.

Some other fun things/quotes:

LOVED Alicia's look when she heard Kalinda's voice in the conference room. Little things like that demonstrate why this show is unparalleled.

I'm hoping Lemond Bishop will come back in a bigger way. Enjoyed how he was used in this episode.

"Intimation isn't a sonnet."

'The Good Wife' airs Sundays, 9PM ET on CBS

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I saw a steamy sex scene and so did the other 5 million viewers...

@coemanz4 the show will go on.. it always does and please be quiet @David P. Graf your opinion about Alicia being stupid is not wanted here.

October 05 2011 at 4:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Umm, what "steamy sex scene" are you talking about? Last week I saw no steam or sex. It's a cold day in you-know -where before I rearrange my schedule to see to fully clothed 40 somethings pretending to be imtimate.


October 03 2011 at 2:34 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply
David P. Graf

It seems to me that Alicia is travelling down the same road as did her husband Peter. It is just so inexcusably stupid on her part to get involved with someone as unscrupulous as Will let alone that he's her boss. Based upon what I've seen so far, Peter is acting much more like a decent person this season than Alicia. I expect that Alicia's games will blow up eventually as the lies become too hard to sustain and she'll have to face some ugly facts about herself. Who knows - maybe Alicia and Peter both wiser for their troubles will get back together.

October 03 2011 at 11:38 AM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

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