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August 29, 2015
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Top 5 Clips of the Week: Rooney's Final 'Few Minutes,' Lilly's Gassy Past & More (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 8th 2011 12:30PM

Our favorite TV clips from this week ran the full gamut of emotions, and were filled with contradictions. J.R. Martinez's 'Dancing With the Stars' tribute to fallen soldiers was uplifting and emotional, a solid rebound after the horror of last week's Nancy Grace nip slip. Andy Rooney's '60 Minutes' sign-off was grumpily sincere, while Evangeline Lilly's story about farting on an airplane passenger was gross but oddly charming.

Meanwhile, Snooki throwing wine bottles at the Situation was, like most things that happen on 'Jersey Shore,' sadly entertaining. Finally, Hank Williams Jr. comparing President Obama to Hitler ... well, that was just absurd and unoriginal.

Check out the clips after the jump and vote for your personal favorite in our weekly poll.

J.R. Martinez stole the 'Dancing With the Stars' show with an emotional tribute performance that he dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives defending their country. Martinez, a veteran of the War in Iraq who has undergone 33 surgeries after a military humvee accident, cried tears of sadness, and joy after the performance was over. We're just glad we have something else to talk about besides Nancy Grace's nip slip.

Andy Rooney bid '60 Minutes' farewell, giving the show his last 'Few Minutes.' He reflected on his writing career, and '60 Minutes' tenure, and in typical Rooney fashion, apologized for being rude to fans who have greeted him in public over the years before signing off with "but if you see me at a restaurant, please let me eat my dinner." He remained America's entertainingly grumpy next-door-neighbor until the very end.

Evangeline Lilly is a beautiful actress who probably ruined thousands of male fantasies when she told a story about intentionally farting in a passenger's face during her days as a flight attendant. Maybe that's the real reason Oceanic Flight 815 crashed.

The strange drama that's been brewing between The Situation and Snooki finally came to a head on 'Jersey Shore' this week, when Mike's gym-tan-who's the rat prank backfired disastrously. Snooki was enraged that he said his friend The Unit would be calling Jionni to tell him what actually happened in that infamous hotel room, and chased him around the house throwing wine bottles at him. Their housemates were aghast, probably because they were wasting booze.

Finally, we'll end our this Top 5 with the absurd and ridiculous gaffe of the week. Hank Williams Jr. went on 'Fox & Friends,' compared President Obama to Hitler, and was promptly suspended, and subsueqently fired from his gig singing the intro song to ESPN's 'Monday Night Football' broadcast. We have a feeling America will still be able to get ready for some football without him.

What was your favorite clip of the week?
J.R. Martinez gives emotional 'Dancing With the Stars' tribute performance43 (45.7%)
Andy Rooney does his last 'Few Minutes' on '60 Minutes'15 (16.0%)
Evageline Lilly tells story about farting on an airplane passenger19 (20.2%)
Snooki chases The Situation around the house and throws wine bottles at him4 (4.3%)
Hank Williams Jr. gets fired by ESPN for comparing President Obama and Hitler13 (13.8%)

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