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September 4, 2015

Exclusive: Megan Mullally and Casey Wilson Tease 'Happy Endings' Mother-Daughter Musical Number (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Oct 11th 2011 11:35AM
Casey Wilson and Megan MullallyEvery now and then, a show pulls off a piece of familial casting so genius, so unavoidably obvious, that you may actually forget that the actors aren't related while you're watching. Such is the case with this week's 'Happy Endings,' which sees comedic whirlwind Megan Mullally guest star as Casey Wilson's perky mom, Dana.

"I say we're like the 'Gilmore Girls,' but we're better because we came first," Wilson enthused when a group of journalists caught up with her and Mullally on set.

"They wrote me a really amazing part," Mullally said. "She is just a very optimistic lady. And when Penny was a kid, they used to have a singing duo called 'Two Hartz Beat as One.'"

The mom and daughter double-act is an integral part of the episode, leading up to a musical number that ... may not exactly put 'Glee' to shame, but will almost certainly leave you crying with laughter. Not only was AOL TV on hand while Mullally was filming, we also scored an exclusive preview of the ladies strutting their vocal stuff to whet your appetite for the real thing. We don't think we're being hyperbolic when we say that it's entirely a-mah-zing.

Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek
of Megan Mullally & Casey Wilson singing 'Torn':

Like those infamous Gilmores, Wilson and Mullally were already finishing each other's sentences when we interviewed them on set, and the mutual admiration was evident right from the start.

"We met at a party," Mullally said. "I'd been watching the show all season and so I just introduced myself and I said that I thought the show was great and that I thought that Casey was great on it. So then I guess Casey mentioned that to someone, and then I ended up being on the show!"

"I'm such a fan of -- it's lame to say -- but of Megan," Wilson said. "In college, I remember watching 'Will and Grace' and just being like, 'I'm obsessed with that woman,' and so it was very thrilling for me to work with you."

Mullally: "I'm glad you didn't say like, 'I remember in third grade, I was in front of the TV and watched ...'"

Wilson: "That black and white program."

Mullally: "Ye olde 'Will and Grace."

Wilson: "My mom played it to me in the womb."

Dana uses her eternal optimism to inspire the rest of the group, helping Dave (Zachary Knighton) to get in touch with his roots and encouraging Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) to strengthen their marriage through the unorthodox art of couples improv. But when Momma Hartz needs a little encouragement of her own, it falls to her loyal daughter Penny to set her back on the right track -- with a little musical assistance, naturally.

During rehearsals, the duo was every bit as confident in dreaming up dance moves as they were volleying quips.

"We choreographed it when she was getting her hair done," Wilson said. "I was standing behind her in the hair and makeup trailer and then we put it on its feet like 10 minutes later, and the rest is dance history."

Mullally said she'd be happy to return for another dose of 'Happy'. "I have to say that I feel like Casey and I work together really, really well. I think the whole cast is great, and it's been super fun -- I feel like it's been one of the funniest things I've done in a while."

Fingers crossed for a Damon Wayans/Megan Mullally parent showdown in the near future, preferably with accompanying '90s pop tunes.

'Happy Endings' airs Wednesdays at 9.30PM ET on ABC.

What do you think of Mullally and Wilson's duet skills? Share your thoughts below, and don't forget to catch Mullally on tomorrow night's episode.

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