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October 6, 2015

See 'Bachelor' Ben's Awkward New Portrait

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 12th 2011 4:00PM
Ben Flajnik, The BachelorOh, 'The Bachelor.' Somehow, we just can't quit you, no matter how predictable you get.

If this new portrait of Ben Flajnik is any indication, we're in for one bland, awkward season.

In the new ABC publicity photo, Ben's all smiles, which is a good thing. He seems like a decent guy, but come on -- it looks like he stepped right on to the stage of a Sears portrait studio.

Check out the full photo and an impromptu instant message critique session below.

Bachelor Ben

Maggie Furlong: um
Maggie Furlong: Shades of Gray on Next Season's 'The Bachelor'
Chris Harnick: haha
Maggie Furlong: i count 5 in one outfit
Chris Harnick: it's like ... i just
Maggie Furlong: he is the definition of blah
Chris Harnick: the weird marbled background
Chris Harnick: the grapes
Maggie Furlong: prediction: there will be at least one date with him feeding a girl grapes. and it won't end well.
Maggie Furlong: i am craving some wine now though
Maggie Furlong: is it too early to get pre-drunk for this season?
Chris Harnick: it's never too early to drink because of the bachelor!
Chris Harnick: i mean the way he's holding out the rose, i feel like his mom is off to the side saying "come on ben ... just a little further ..."
Maggie Furlong: there's a cheesy photographer with a squeaky toy somewhere, smiling with approval
Chris Harnick: you never fail to make me actually LOL
Maggie Furlong: HAHA
Maggie Furlong: ok analyzing this more just took a dark turn
Chris Harnick: like his outfit
Maggie Furlong: yes - it's very ominous
Maggie Furlong: how many potential bachelorettes could he stuff into those barrels?
Maggie Furlong: the rose says i'm friendly (if not a little desperate) but the barrels scream 'don't mess with me!'
Chris Harnick: i'm just worried ... well actually kind of hoping that the winery angle means more drunken regrets caught on camera
Maggie Furlong: i admire your hopefulness
Maggie Furlong: serious question: since ben's season was the season of so many josh groban look-alikes (him included), what beautifully coiffed popstar wannabes will they bring in for him?
Chris Harnick: taylor swift?
Chris Harnick: but i secretly hope nicki minaj
Maggie Furlong: we can dream, chris. we can dream.

'The Bachelor' returns to ABC in January 2012.

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