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October 7, 2015

Ronnie & Sammi Talk 'Jersey Shore' Future: 'I Hope There's No End'

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 13th 2011 9:00AM
Sammi, Ronnie, Jersey Shore'Jersey Shore' fans know that Ronnie and Sammi's relationship has seen more bumps than an Olympics slalom course. But when the couple spoke to AOL TV recently -- that's right, couple -- the pair confirmed that, as of right now, they are very much together.

In the joint interview, Ron and Sam were very good about giving each other equal speaking time. Plus, they were happy to touch upon some of the lesser-addressed but still important 'Jersey Shore'-related issues that only serious fans can appreciate.

For example, have you ever wondered why, in every house-based fight, Ronnie resorts to bed-tossing? Those twin-sized cots are no match for the man who beat up the Situation (with a little help from the wall).

Read on to find out what deep-seated childhood aspiration causes Ronnie to take out his rage on defenseless mattresses, which cast member fared the best with the Italian language barrier, and when the couple plans to quit doing 'Jersey Shore' (Thursdays, 10PM ET on MTV). Rest easy: It's not any time soon.

You guys are the definition of an off-and-on couple. Are you together right now?
Ronnie: Yeah, we're together right now.

How's that going?
Sammi: It's going good!

Any big blowups since Italy?
Ronnie: We've been pretty good since then. When you're in the house, it's no TV, no computer. You're forced to be around each other. There's a lot of alcohol involved, so of course you're going to get into arguments.

Ronnie, A few weeks ago Pauly accused you of swakking (stealing his swag). Do you have any response to his allegations?
Ronnie: I feel like I'm the only competition in the house when it comes to anything with Pauly, so I guess he feels a little intimidated. But when you're that old, I wouldn't feel intimidated by a younger person. I wouldn't feel like anybody was swakking off me. I'd be like, "I'm 10 years older than this kid, I've gotta be showing him the right path."

Sammi, Ronnie, Jersey Shore, ItalyWe haven't seen you guys do much sight-seeing in Italy -- did you do more than what they've shown?
Sammi: Yeah, they aren't showing it. There were times when I would go off with Deena ... for the first two weeks we would just walk around and tour around, because in Florence, Italy, the buildings and just the history and culture, the scenery, the landscaping is just so beautiful. So we would actually go around and tour around. You don't really see all that.

I guess it's not as interesting as all the fighting.
Sammi: You guys see all the good [parts]. There's a lot of fat that you don't see. They trim the fat.

What was your favorite thing you saw in Italy?
Sammi: I think my favorite thing overall in Italy was probably the food. They had really good bruschetta and that was, like, my favorite thing ever. The food was just so good.

Plus your house was so cool.
Sammi: It was so cool. I think that was one of my favorite houses that we've stayed in. That house was huge! It was gorgeous. It was just awesome.

What did you expect when you went over to Italy?
Ronnie: Italy was more than I expected. I thought it was going to be what you see in movies and honestly when we got there it was just more than what we expected. Restaurants everywhere, shopping, historical monuments. There's a whole atmosphere which is unbelievable and pretty much you have to experience it for yourself. You can't listen to what somebody's going to tell you about Italy.

Was the language barrier hard to overcome?
Sammi: For me, it really wasn't because I took [Italian] in high school and a semester in college so I kind of remembered some things. But for Ron and some of the other cast members it was a little bit difficult. For Vinny, he knew Italian so he was the guy to go to to really get us around.

What can we expect from the rest of the season?
Ronnie: Italy is like all the houses just jammed into one house. Makeups, breakups, hooks, fights, arguments, bonds. It's just so much that everyone has experienced throughout the seasons thrown into one house.

Will we see another blowup as big as the one between you and Situation?
Ronnie: You never know in the house. I'm pretty sure Mike learned his lesson. The wall was on my side so I don't think Mike's going to mess with me anymore. Me and the wall jumped Mike. [Laughs]

Inquiring minds at AOL TV would like to know why, in a big fight, tossing beds is your signature move.
Ronnie: You know what it was? I wanted to be an interior decorator when I grew up and I couldn't get into it. So you know what, that's just my way of taking out the aggression. [Laughs]

You guys always seem game to make fun of yourselves. Is that something you've had to learn how to do, or is that just how you are?
Sammi: We're all like that. You can't take life so seriously.
Ronnie: You've gotta have thick skin. Especially in what we do, reality TV, people are always judging you.

Will there be more 'Jersey Shore' after next season or is there an end date in sight?
Sammi: I hope there's no end!
Ronnie: As long as the fans keep watching it, I'm pretty sure MTV will keep bringing us back. But i'll do this 'til I'm 70. I'll do it in Depends and a walker.

How do you feel about the people from New Jersey who are still angry about the show?
Ronnie: I say you're welcome.
Sammi: From living in New Jersey, [I know] there are a lot of people that are so positive of our show. I think you're going to have haters wherever you go. That's just the way life is.
Ronnie: People thought that about 'The Sopranos' as well. We're not here to represent anybody but ourselves and to just have a good time.

'Jersey Shore' airs Thursdays, 10PM on MTV.

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I'm from new jersey and i think the show is hillarious!!! Keep em comin!

October 14 2011 at 9:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

When did this interview take place?

October 13 2011 at 10:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

when did this interview take place?

October 13 2011 at 10:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Brian @ PWYJudges

They had me until the comparison with 'The Sopranos'....

October 13 2011 at 4:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Carl Tranton

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dumb fake TV SHOW .who cares

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