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October 7, 2015

'The Secret Circle' Cast Talks Character Deaths, New Romance and Truth or Dare

by Laura Prudom, posted Oct 13th 2011 3:30PM
The Secret Circle castOne murky Vancouver evening in early October, a sodden group of out-of-towners stumbled through the densely-knit woods, seeking shelter from a sudden, brutal downpour that had caught them unprepared. The mud was caked up to their knees, the ground was treacherously slick, and the only solid structure in sight was a lake house belonging to a dead man.

Unaware of the building's sinister history, the shivering procession snuck past cameramen, grips, PAs and boom operators to find refuge in the drafty basement, above which an oblivious coven of witches was engrossed in an alcohol-fueled game of Truth or Dare.

Just a typical night on the set of 'The Secret Circle.'

AOL TV (along with an intrepid band of fellow reporters) braved the rain -- both real and man-made -- to talk to the cast of the supernatural drama (which just received a full season pick up) while they shot on location at an atmospheric lakeside property. We grilled them on the show's ever-evolving love triangles, upcoming deaths, and the truth about Cassie's father. Spoilers ahead.

One of the driving forces of the first few episodes has been the love triangle between Cassie (Britt Robertson), Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Diana (Shelley Hennig), and Dekker warned that fans shouldn't expect a solid resolution to the story any time soon: "It plays out for a long while -- I'd imagine for the run of the series," he laughed.

But those predicting a jealous catfight between Diana and Cassie are likely to be disappointed, according to Robertson. "In a lot of relationships in real life, when you have a guy and two girls fighting over one man, it's easy to blame it on the girl [and] say, 'it's your fault my man wants you,' but that's not the case in this situation," she said. "Diana's very understanding as to what's going on with the three of them. There's a lot of reasoning behind why Adam and Cassie feel the way that they do. And Cassie and Diana will continue to be friends, and that does not hinder those relationships, as of now."

Diana and AdamStill, just because Diana is choosing to take the high ground without blaming Cassie, it doesn't necessarily mean that her romance with Adam won't suffer. "It gets really interesting to see the history of Diana and Adam and why they're together; what works about them and what's not working about them," Dekker told us. "Diana is starting to lose faith in what we're about. It's very sad and very dramatic."

Hennig agreed, "I don't think any character ever stays the same -- Diana is going to have to question where she stands in the circle and in her relationships. She's not Type A throughout the entire series, she's going to go through some things, and it's a lot more fun to play."

And don't rule out the possibility of further romantic entanglements; we know that TV teens change partners almost as often as they change their underwear, and while we were on set, we saw Cassie locking lips with another boy right in front of Adam, thanks to a little alcohol and a game of Truth or Dare.

"Yeah, we have Chris Zylka in the house; he's doing some guest appearances for a couple of episodes," Robertson said. "And we have a little romance happening with Cassie and his character Jake ..."

We suggested that Adam wouldn't be too thrilled about the Chris Zylka and Britt Robertson
competition, and the actress was inclined to agree. "You know Adam, he's a little Jealous Jim," she laughed. "He's been on his best behavior, I think, but he gets a little huffy and puffy occasionally."

But what about Diana? We asked Hennig if her character would be relieved to see Cassie's attention shift away from her boyfriend. "Maybe not ..." she said enigmatically.

But Adam apparently has no intention of being left out -- Dekker hinted that two girls might not be enough for his character: "There may be even more romance for Adam than just Diana and Cassie," he smirked. "He's greedy."

We asked Dekker for a little background on the episode they were currently shooting [1.08], and though he couldn't reveal much, he did explain how the circle finds themselves in such a typically teenage situation: "We're very worried about Faye's grandfather -- as we should be, considering what Miss [Natasha] Henstridge did [in episode 2]. So we go to his house on the lake to find out what's going on, with all sorts of clues leading us to worry. We get there and it's a horrible storm so we have to stay the night. There's some alcohol and some truth or dare and some rumors ..."

If it all sounds a little too 'Dawson's Creek,' Dekker promises that they bring in the "scary, witchy elements" as well, but admitted that it was kind of nice to take a break from the mythology for a week. "We've been doing so much action from episode four on to this point that it's just story, story, story, story -- it's kind of really nice in this one to get to go back to talking and exploring who these characters are all over again."

Phoebe Tonkin (who plays troublemaking Faye) echoed the sentiment. "It's fun playing those scenes because we obviously spend a lot of time talking about magic and spells and characters that are coming in and trying to hurt the circle, whereas that scene was just genuine teenagers sitting around, getting into some drinks and just getting their sh*t out," she said.

The cast cited last week's spooky episode as a turning point for the series, signalling a descent into scarier storytelling. "I keep saying in interviews that the show gets darker and heavier and more frightening," Dekker said. "['Heather' was the] episode where that really begins. The ones that follow ... it's a dark show. We were joking today that we are probably going to be in trouble with quite a lot of parents!"

Fans of the books know that Cassie's absent father plays an integral role in that darkness, and Dekker confirmed that episode nine would start to explore more of Cassie's family history and the circumstances surrounding the fire. "Obviously it comes up that we're curious about it, but we haven't gotten into that yet," he said. "We're pacing ourselves. We've got to set up everything else first."

Since the actors receive their scripts a day or two before shooting, Robertson admitted that she still wasn't sure how the writers intended to handle Cassie's dark ancestry. "It's a hard thing because you never know; you read the book and you have that knowledge, but you never know how they're going to adapt [it]," she pointed out. "So it just depends on how the series evolves. At this point, [Cassie] wants to know as much as possible, she wants to know more about her mom, and who she is, and feels a little bit lost inside. So whatever she can find out at this point, she thinks is a good thing, but we'll see what [her family history] actually means for her."

Phoebe TonkinLoyal readers will also recall that Faye has her own ties to the mythology, and out of all the characters, she seems to be the one most at risk of turning to the dark side. "I'm kind of excited to see what happens to Faye and Dawn's relationship," Tonkin said. "There's the potential that they'll either combine and become a really powerful mother and daughter situation, or Faye will start seeing what Dawn is really up to and start going against her mother ... Everyone's got different intentions, everyone wants to use their magic for different things, so everyone's going to start swapping sides."

Hennig touched on that point too: "Maybe it will be evident that someone wants to do magic for good and actually you find out that they want to do it for evil," she suggested. "I think that nothing is black and white, especially for this show, which makes it so fun and so on the edge of your seat every week." We wonder if Diana will start to follow in her father's (Gale Harold) nefarious footsteps before the season ends?

Here are a few other tidbits we learned during our time on set:

-- The teaser for tonight's episode threatens that the circle will break, which -- we can only assume -- means that one member isn't long for this world. On the subject of deaths, Dekker would only say, "There is a lot of death in the show, but so far there hasn't been of anyone that we know and love -- hopefully no-one loved. We're certainly waiting for the day, but I also know that [Kevin] Williamson resurrects a lot." Predictions?

-- Faye might seem like your typical high school bitch, but there's always a deeper reason for a catty nature; we asked Tonkin to shed a little light on her character's motivations. "We start to explore some of the relationships that Faye did have," she said. "She got her heart broken a couple of times, and that's kind of a driving force for the way that Faye behaves now. I think that was a couple of years ago when she was younger, and now she's older, she's a witch, so ... I think there could be some other characters who will come in and steal her heart again."

-- Faye and Diana are constantly butting heads, but Hennig revealed that we might see some evolution in their antagonistic relationship: "I think you'll be surprised. I think you'll find moments where you're like 'okay, I think that Diana is the only one that can stop Faye from doing something over the top.' She doesn't always stop her, but if anyone can, I think it would be Diana. I think you'll find moments where you're a little intrigued with their relationship."

-- Adam may be knee-deep in romantic drama right now, but we'll also see more scenes between him and his father, Ethan (Adam Harrington). "We're still definitely exploring his relationship with his father, which is a really interesting, great one -- I think it says a lot about who Adam is," Dekker said. "What I kind of like is that yes, he's a troubled alcoholic and not the best dad in the world, but Adam really kind of accepts him and forgives him always. But that starts to be threatened and frayed by Adam's father's behavior."

'The Secret Circle' airs Thursdays at 9PM ET on The CW.

Do you think one of the circle members will die tonight? Are you rooting for Adam to end up with Cassie or Diana? Which character do you predict will go dark side first? Share your thoughts below!

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i love the secret circle too because everyone in it is so amazing at playing there characters. its funny how adam and cassie had this connection at the begining of the secret circle series. diana never noticed until the next episode but there relationship is going swell until now which is kind of sad that their relationship is not going well now at this episode because adam wants to be jealous. but have to say they did an amazing job to the secret circle because its going out well and everyone is loving this show.

October 20 2011 at 11:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's "sneaked;" not "snuck." Honest. Look it up.

October 13 2011 at 10:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love the Secret Circle. Congrats to everyone involved on getting the full season pick up! I started watching because I love Gale Harold, and I love his character Charles Meade. He is so amazing at playing the bad guy. I really like Shelley Hennig's character Diana, and seeing her interact - and argue with - Phoebe Tonkin's character Faye.

October 13 2011 at 6:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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