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October 9, 2015
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The Gang Argues Over When It's Okay to Go Looting on 'It's Always Sunny' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 21st 2011 6:15AM
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' - 'The Storm of the Century'Everyone was in full panic mode as 'the storm of the century' was reportedly bearing down on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FOX). It gave the gang a chance to open back up their old Y2K bunker, which was a pretty frightening-looking place.

With the supplies depleted, the guys head out to the local superstore to stock up, while Dee barricaded the bar. But when Frank accidentally shot Cricket, they were forced to go out in the storm to take him to the hospital. Only they took a detour to the supermart when Mac bailed on the guys and their supplies.

Even though by this point, the storm had been downgraded to a drizzle, the store was on the brink of a riot, which Charlie was thinking the perfect thing to do. But Frank insisted that they needed a catalyst, at which point Cricket, who was bleeding out and attempting to steal Dee's car to drive himself to the hospital, crashed into the store. Catalyst provided.

It was a full-scale riot, which Mac got to watch from the safety of the bunker with the sweet new 3-D TV he bought after leaving everyone else behind, and a perfect statement on our tendency to panic unnecessarily, fed by a media looking to create the big story.

Just remember kids: If you're stealing essentials like food, it's survival. If you take speakers and electronics, it's looting. The more you know!

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