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October 8, 2015

Jason Mewes and Alex House on 'Todd and the Book of Pure Evil' Season 2

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Oct 28th 2011 12:30PM
At the moment, Alex House is about as close to nerd heaven as you can get. The rising star of the Space hit 'Todd and the Book of Pure Evil' is chillin' on the lawn outside of Fan Expo 2011, taking in the elaborate costumes alongside his childhood hero and current co-star/real-life buddy, Jason Mewes ('Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back').

The unlikely duo may have 13 years separating them (Mewes is 37, House is 24), but you wouldn't know it by looking at them. Mewes is as fresh-faced and youthful as he was in 'Clerks,' shot 17 years ago when House was just a wee first-grader. The two buds are about to head into the Expo to peruse the finest wares the geek world has to offer. House is particularly intent on finding some elusive 'Game of Thrones' cards, and maybe even an action figure or two.

Before releasing them into Toronto's sprawling convention center, AOL TV sat down with Mewes and House to get the scoop on Season 2 of 'Todd,' which is set to premiere this Sunday. (Miss Season 1? Fear not, it's now available on DVD with all the bells and whistles.)

Our chat ran the nerdy gamut from sword fighting to flesh-eating birthday cakes (yes, you read that last part right). At one point, Mewes even regaled us with a tale of what it's like flying on Harvey Weinstein's private plane. (Hint: it's better than flying coach on a public airline.)

Are you guys getting recognized out here? What are people saying to you?
AH: Hey, you're Todd! From 'Todd and the Book of Evil'! It drives me nuts. It's 'Todd and the Book of PURE Evil.'

So you're upset that people are forgetting 'Pure'?
AH: Yes! I'm going on the record with that! It's like when they say hey, you're Silent Bob and that guy!

JM: No, they say you're Silent Jay and Bob.

AH: Doesn't that piss you off?

JM: No.

AH: Well it makes me furious!

What kind of feedback are you getting about Season 1?
AH: It's funny, we were shooting the second season at the school, and someone had written "Todd Sucks" on a chalkboard in the hallway, and so I wrote "You Suck! Love, Todd." And then some woman came by as I was writing that and said, 'Oh, you don't watch that show, do you?' And I was in my full makeup and costume and was like, 'No, I don't watch that show!' That's the only negative thing I've heard.

What are people who like the show saying to you?
AH: Various expletives. It's that f--king good. They like that it's metal, and they love that Jason Mewes is on it. That's a huge draw. They love Chris Leavins ('Slings & Arrows'). It's funny, it's metal, it's gory.

What can we expect from Season 2? Will there be more of Jimmy the Janitor?
JM: This season I'm definitely in it more. It gets a little deeper into the character and explains things. This season is gonna be awesome. I don't want to give anything away, but knowing what the ending for Season 2 is I'm really curious about where the writers will go with it. I'm really shocked.

AH: It has a huuuuuge cliffhanger.

Alex, what's it like for you working with Jason? Were you a fan of his going in?
AH: Yeah, I was a huge fan. We're buddies now. It's kind of weird. When I was 12, 13, I had these fantasies of being the third member of the Jay and Bob crew. I never told you that! I remember my brother is a little larger than I was, and we drew a beard on him and some long hair and he dressed up as Bob and I was pretending to be Jason. It was pretty awesome the first time I met Jason. I don't get starstruck, but I was pretty speechless. Last day on the set we had a swordfight. Not with our penises. If I could go and talk to my 12-year-old self and say in a few years you're going to have a swordfight with Jason Mewes I think I would lose my s--t.

JM: That one week we had a swordfight and had such a blast. I'm hoping Season 3 happens and they write me in more.

Jason, last year, when we chatted about the show you mentioned you were afraid of flying...
JM: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not afraid of flying. I hate the process of flying. To be honest, I smoke too many cigarettes. That's only part of it, but it's a big part of it. When I get there it's like OK, f--k, I have to be at the airport, my wife's driving me at 7:30, it's quarter of and there's traffic and am I gonna miss the plane and you get there and you're running through the airport and you're worried about security. But even if I didn't smoke, it would still be that whole process of waiting, and then you get on the plane and you get on the runway and it's delayed for two hours and you're stuck inside of a hot plane and there's a baby crying next to you. If I could fly private, that's different. Cuz you can smoke on the jet.

AH: Could you?!

JM: I was flying [on the Miramax private jet], we were smoking on the plane and I was laying down and it was amazing. It was Harvey and Bob [Weinstein] and Kevin [Smith] and Scott Mosier and myself. We flew home from Sundance for 'Chasing Amy,' I think. Flying a private jet, that would be ideal. Or hopefully it'll get to 'Dr. Who' or 'Star Trek' where we jump in a phone booth and we're f--kin' here, in Toronto.

Can you give some hints about Season 2?
AH: They'll kill me if I say too much! There's gonna be some cool stuff. There's gonna be a birthday cake that eats people!

Is it a human-sized cake?
AH: Oh, it's bigger than that. It can eat humans. So, yeah. We used mostly practical special effects.

JM: They explain more about the book and why it's there. Then they explain my character's history a little bit more. And they explain the metal dude's history a little bit more.

AH: A bunch of students get the book again this year.

JM: A bunch of students have sex this year. There's a big school orgy. It was you with all the extras.

AH: That's not true! I don't want to say too much.

JM: Don't! You're gonna get spanked.

AH: I hate getting spanked.

JM: What if we lied? Superman is gonna be there. And then the Green Lantern.

AH: And Batman!

JM: Batman fights Todd.

AH: And I kick his ass!

Continuing on this vein, what type of stuff would you love to see happen?
AH: I wanna fight more. Todd had a sword last season. I wanna have fight scenes with Jason, where we team up and hold hands and fight.

JM: Back to back! To be honest I hope they write more Jimmy in. More Jimmy and Todd. More mythology. More fights!

Season 2 of 'Todd & the Book of Pure Evil' premieres on SPACE on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 10PM ET.

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