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August 27, 2015
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The Evil Queen Battles Malifecent For the Curse on 'Once Upon a Time' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 31st 2011 7:15AM
'Once Upon a Time' - 'The Thing You Love Most'Last week saw the Evil Queen unleash her curse upon the Enchanted Forest on 'Once Upon a Time' (Sun., 8PM ET on ABC). This time around, we took a step back from the black cloud to see what lengths she went to in order to be able to cast such a powerful and all-encompassing curse.

First, she had to re-acquire it from Maleficent, from 'Sleeping Beauty.' Cleverly, they said that the apple that enchanted Snow White to sleep was a faulty spell concocted by Maleficent, based on the spell she put over the entire kingdom in her fairy tale.

But when Maleficent wouldn't give it back, the Evil Queen overpowered her and took it by force. But she wouldn't kill her ... after all, she's still her best (and only) friend. Luckily for Maleficent, though, she isn't the one the Queen loves the most. That's her father.

As she ultimately learned after failing at her first try with the curse, she needed to sacrifice the heart of the one she loved the most. She learned this from the creator of the curse, who turned out to be Rumplestiltskin, still in his prison cell. So she killed her father in the hopes of finding happiness in the new world the curse created.

But the Queen/Regina is no happier in this new world, and yet Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold seems positively gleeful. He also seems to remember the curse, as his caveat that the Queen has to do what he says when he says "please" seems to be in effect, and he seems to know to use the magic word to his advantage. Color us more intrigued as each new layer of Storybrooke is revealed.

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