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October 4, 2015
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Nick Is Thrown Into the World of the Supernatural in 'Grimm' Premiere (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 31st 2011 2:45AM
'Grimm' - 'Pilot'Making it even more awkward that it's airing opposite The CW's 'Supernatural,' NBC's new genre premiere 'Grimm' (Fri., 9PM ET on NBC) seems to share a lot of traits with it. Both shows feature people who track down and hunt creatures of myth that nobody believes are real.

On 'Supernatural' they're called hunters and they're tackling what we consider urban legends. On 'Grimm,' they're called Grimms and they take out creatures from fairy tales and nursery rhymes. In 'Grimm,' though, Nick has no idea what he is or what is happening to him when he starts to see the creatures for what they truly are.

Enter his Aunt Marie, who's also a Grimm. She's there to help give him a crash-course in all things Grimm, but the two of them get attacked before she can finish. Why the creatures -- or whatever they're going to ultimately be called -- want to take her out so badly remains unknown, but they're still trying to do it by episode's end.

Does that make Marie more like Bobby, or Papa Winchester to Nick? She did raise him after his parents died, so I'm going to go with more like Bobby. Of course, for that to stick, she needs to survive and then serve as a crotchety old mentor with all the answers who's always just a phone call away. We'll see if she lives that long.

Like the first season of 'Supernatural,' 'Grimm' also appears to be focusing largely on single installment stories while slowly revealing a larger mythology. It's the classic "monster of the week" formula made famous by 'The X-Files.' This time around it was The Big Bad Wolf, or rather Wolves. They have a thing for girls in red, though Nick manages to find one who's reformed -- like a good vampire?

Rather than Winchester brothers' banter, it looks like Nick's partner on the police force is going to be his companion on these adventures. How long before he spills the beans and lets his partner in on who he is and what he sees?

--You can hear Mo Ryan and Ryan McGee's take on the 'Grimm' pilot on the latest Talking TV podcast.

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