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September 2, 2015

'Happy Endings' Preview: Fred Savage, a Steak Me Home Tonight Commercial & More

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 2nd 2011 3:30PM
Tonight's episode of 'Happy Endings' (Wed., Nov. 2, 9:30PM ET on ABC) is one I've really been looking forward to. Fred Savage -- yes, Fred Savage of 'Wonder Years' and 'Princess Bride' fame -- not only directed this episode but also stepped in front of the cameras for a quick cameo playing himself.

I visited the 'Happy' set while they were shooting this episode, titled 'Lying Around,' which finds Savage randomly interrupting a date that Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) is on. We'll also see Dave (Zachary Knighton) taking his food truck to the next level. Yep, that's right, we're talking about a Steak Me Home Tonight commercial. Only problem? Dave is horrible on camera, and Max (Adam Pally) might not be that great behind the camera either. (Couldn't they have gone super meta and had Savage direct the commercial within the show, too?)

There's another big guest star as well: sportscaster Brent Musburger hangs out with Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), who lies to Jane (Eliza Coupe) about having a business trip when all he really wants is a staycation from her and her sorority sister. And, randomly, there are some sweet Parkour moves in this episode, courtesy of physical comedy pro Wayans.

Read more scoop from stars Cuthbert, Knighton and Pally right here, including what's next, some potential crossovers with another cult-favorite show, an upcoming music video, the return of guest star Megan Mullally and some talk about 'Happy' being the perfect show.

Tonight we get to see Dave's epic attempts at making a Steak Me Home Tonight commercial ...
Knighton: Yeah, Dave's making a commercial for the steak truck, and he's having a dilemma about whether or not to hire a professional director or Max to direct the commercial. Dave's really bad in front of the camera. There's a taste of that in the first season -- he gets nervous, he can't speak, he passes out -- so there's a lot of that this week. He's having a tough time.

Is there a jingle? Dave has already shown us that he loves to sing.
Knighton: There's a jingle ... I don't think it has much to do about steak, of course. Dave clearly has a terrible business plan. Like, why would you ever hire a guy like Max, even for a day? [Laughs] But Dave is really focusing on work this year. That steak truck is a hit -- I won the Truckies last year! And how about my singing? Did you like my singing? Dave is a deep guy -- 'Love Times Love to the Power of Love.' We'll be selling that on iTunes and we're also going to shoot a music video. The people need it. The people want it.

And Fred Savage is directing and in front of the camera! I can't wait.
Knighton: Yeah, Savage is gonna be pretty epic I think. It's pretty funny. I don't actually get to share the screen with Savage -- I'm pretty bummed about that -- but we do play, off-screen.

Pally: I'm directing those scenes [with Savage acting]. I've directed stage plays and stuff like that ... I'm sure it's the same. If not, he'll yell at me. He's a tyrant. He's the funniest tyrant I've ever met.

Cuthbert: Fred plays himself, and basically he's in a scene with me where I'm on a date and he sort of interrupts it. But I don't want to spoil all of it because it's really great. There might be some snacks involved.

What's next?
Knighton: They've really been spreading the storylines around. Next week will be my first big storyline with Damon -- Dave and Brad haven't really had a big storyline. So we've got a big one coming that'll be a lot of fun. The only person I really haven't had a storyline with yet is Jane, Eliza Coupe. But Dave and Jane are just so opposite. I feel like Dave and Jane secretly aren't friends, but they just have to put up the facade for everybody else. She's pretty nuts.

Pally: Pretty much anything that you can do with a limo, Max will try to use it as a job. Max will get a new man eventually -- or a woman, or both -- but I think it's fun to see Max single, because I always like knowing that Max will do anything.

Cuthbert: I hope to work with Damon more -- maybe me and Brad can get Jane a gift together? Damon and I have similar comedic styles, in a sense. The physical side of his comedy is really amazing, and I really like to do the physical stuff, too. I think it'd be just dynamite to have us both doing something ridiculously physical comedy related.

Any returning guest stars?
Knighton: I heard that Megan Mullally's gonna come back this year, which would be awesome. There are a lot of really good people coming to do the show this season.

Pally: I want to meet the rest of Max's family -- I want to meet Max's brother. I also want to see what it was like when Max dated Penny. I'd love to go into Max's past a little bit. There's a couple Max flashbacks this season.

Your usual director is over at 'Community' this week, and they shoot just a few stages away. Let's do some crossovers!
Knighton: We've been hanging out with the 'Community' kids -- they're all awesome. They're good people. I know that we'd love to have any of those guys on our show. They're so funny, and I really love 'Community' ... I think it's a great show. I feel like they're kind of like us: These cool underdog guys that people really like. So yeah, we'll see.

I love that this show toes the line between heartfelt and super raunchy.
Knighton: I like to think of our show as being kind of in the middle of a 'How I Met Your Mother' and a 'Sunny' -- we're like the bastard evil twin of 'How I Met Your Mother,' but still kind of clean-cut. Those guys at 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' ... they're my buddies, and they're doing some of the craziest sh*t I've ever seen. Their comedy ... no one will ever be like those guys. They're insane. If we can push it as much as we can within the network, I think that's awesome. We're definitely doing that this year. That's the thing, we've got dirty parts, we've got heart. It's the perfect show. [Laughs]

Do you ever want these characters to grow or change? Or do you like them just the way they are?
Pally: I think Max is one of those people that, if he was ever totally together, the world would explode. Everybody has a friend like Max.

Cuthbert: Alex is not afraid to speak her mind, whether it makes sense or not. She's just lighthearted and simple and fun -- I'm kind of stealing a little bit from Betty White in 'The Golden Girls.' There's a lot of inspiration there. I want it to be fun to hang out with her -- I want audiences to enjoy her, but also get a laugh. I think we can introduce guys and go on dates, and I can do all those fun things right now, but for Season 2 especially, we just really want everyone to get to know Alex before any man comes into her life.

Tell us: What do you think of 'Happy Endings' Season 2 so far? What do you want to see happen next?

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