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August 30, 2015

Who Scored Big in Week 5 of SNL's Relevancy Poll?

by Mike Ryan, posted Nov 7th 2011 12:45PM
For whatever reason, I had a feeling that Saturday night's show was going to be one of the better efforts of the season. Maybe I'm psychic! (Unfortunately, I'm not psychic.) Too often, when making 'SNL' predictions, the discussions break down into either, "Well, he's funny," or, "She was great in this movie, ergo, she will be a terrific 'SNL' host." (For the record, I may be the only person alive who instigates these type of discussions.) Here's really the most important intangible of being a great 'SNL' host: playing well with others. Charlie Day played well with others. So much so that everyone got themselves into the act this week, which, with a cast this big, is rare. But that's what made it good! So, with that, on to this week's slightly crowded Relevancy Poll...

1. Chris "Who Said That" Bruss (Last Week: 5) Lordz86 said it best in the comments yesterday, "Sudeikis needs a comedy-partner." It's amazing how Sudeikis transformed from "guy who hosts the game show" to the epicenter of the show just because a frequent collaborator, Charlie Day, happened to be hosting. We really need to get Sudeikis, Day and Will Forte into the same room – just to see what happens.

2. Rick "Watch It Or I'll Suck Your C***!" Tipenski (Last Week: 10) My god, Hader's take on drunk Rick Perry may have been the funniest thing to air on 'SNL' this season. Here's what was great about Hader's Perry: Hader was having a difficult time not breaking character. Let me rephrase that: Hader was having a difficult time legitimately not breaking character. I get it, people love Stefon. But perhaps this can be Hader's go to impression while the stale Stefon takes a much needed break.

3. Boston Powers (Last Week: 12) Finally! I felt so guilty, week after week, looking at Meyers toiling at the bottom of this list. "Wow, you really hate Seth Meyers," commentators would say. No, I don't! But he's not been on his game. That is until this past Saturday. No one benefited more from the two week break than Seth Meyers. And, yes, it's great to see Meyers, briefly do sketch work again.

4. David "Beef Jelly" Winfield: (Last Week: 14) OK, yes, the Cee Lo sketch was bad. Really bad. But, regardless, compared to everyone in the cast not named Sudeikis or Hader, Kenan had himself a nice week. Not to mention his turn in "Dolphin Movie." Speaking of...

5. The Squeefy Brothers (Last Week: 6) The only featured player to have a particularly decent week. And, yeah, Killam's handiwork was all over "Dolphin Movie." I mean, the quality of sketch itself is debatable... but what a funny idea. Oh, and his Bruce Jenner was fantastic. Speaking of...

6. Shania "In These Shoes" Tunt (Last Week: 11) Based pretty much alone on her portrayal of Kris Jenner. That was great. Though, Judy Grimes is a mixed bag: Again, it's impressive stuff, but it's not particularly funny. Though, "Update" was on such a role, it was hard to notice.

7. Jorge "That Ain't A/This Is A" Miguel (Last Week: 4) I guess Armisen is number six? See, this is where things get tricky. Armisen had the cold open all to himself, which is notable. But from this point on, the poll is just a hodgepodge of appearances in the numerous ensemble sketches.

8. Bonnie "My Vagina" Carolina (Last Week: 13) When Pedrad did her "My Vagina" routine in "Catchphrase Comedy," it's hard not to notice that her mannerisms are so funny. As an audience, we sometimes forget how funny she is because she's stuck playing Kim Kardashian or children. I feel she's, unfortunately, stuck in a bit of a logjam right now behind Wiig, Bayer and even, as of late, Elliott.

9. Slappy Pappy: (Last Week: 9) Moynihan is starting to own this number nine slot. To be fair, he's a big part of the Catchphrase Comedy sketches -- I don't that know for a fact, but I can only assume that was Moynihan's idea. At least, it seems a lot like something Moynihan would write. And he got to play George Costanza! Kind of.

10. Fur Coat Rhonda (Last Week: 3) Funny, it's almost as if the two weeks off that seemed to refresh the rest of the cast may have killed Elliott's momentum a bit. Like Bayer, her Kardashian was regulated to very little. But, hey, Fur Coat Rhonda!

11. Goran "Funky Boy" Bogdan (Last Week: 2) The good news about Brittain: Even during the weeks when he doesn't have a starring role (please bring back Lord Wyndemere and Sex-Ed Vincent), he's starting to show up more often as background characters – at least more than he used to. Also, if any character from the Catchphrase Comedy Tour deserves his own sketch, it's Funky Boy.

12. Addi "News Flash" Sweeny (Last Week: 1) Like the rest of the cast, Bayer had her smaller moments (but even her Kardashian didn't get much screen time). But, like most of the featured players this week, she had to take a backseat to the veterans. (Though, she did have a couple of solid lines in "Greek Gods.")

13. Black Stewie Griffin (Last Week: 7) Pharoah found some quick laughs as Apollo with a sight gag. And as Black Stewie Griffin with another sight gag. Hm, that's kind of weird, actually. With all of the impressions that Pharoah can produce... Black Stewie Griffin?

14. Gavin "What If It Had Boobs" Speiller (Last Week: 8) With Digital Shorts becoming less and less common, Samberg has now, for two shows in a row, found himself as the straight man sitting on a chair. The last show it was during Wyndemere, this time during the ill-fated Cee-Lo sketch. No one has had a more inconsistent season so far than Andy Samberg.

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You know what's funny? The fact that you find Dolphin Movie funny and credit Kenan for that. Putting Kenan over Taran is a crime. Not a Kenan hater tho. He was a bit off this week really.

November 08 2011 at 5:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to eemortal's comment
Mike Ryan

The poll has more to do with airtime than quality. For as bad as it was, Kenan did star in the Cee-Lo sketch.

November 08 2011 at 9:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Kristen De La Riva

Hader's Chicago accent was my favorite thing about Saturday's show.

November 07 2011 at 9:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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