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September 1, 2015
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Cochran Takes a Verbal Beating for Betraying His Tribe on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 10th 2011 1:30AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Cut Throat'Now wait a minute, Jeff Probst! I could have sworn you said there would never be more than two people at Redemption Island this season, after the insanity of last season where they seemed to pile up there forever after the merge. And yet, after this week's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) saw two Tribal Councils, there are now three residents.


Cochran really got reamed by his former tribe for making the strategic decision to betray his old tribe and start voting with Upolu. But he was clearly at the bottom of his own tribe's pecking order, so it was a risk worth taking. Worst case scenario he's at the bottom of this new tribe, but at least he made a move to try and improve his situation.

The sour grapes didn't do anything to change the inevitable, which might be why the show chose to burn through two Tribal Councils in one episode. The next two logical people to get sent there were Ozzy and Jim from the old Savaii, and they went one, two.

There's something to be said for arrogance, and Savaii had it in spades when they thought they had the upper hand. Even with only two former Savaii left (not counting Cochran), they're still not rubbing it in or being arrogant about it. They're just being honest and practical. This is happening. You are being picked off.

It's kind of anti-climactic after the two battled so evenly up until the merge, but it's a testament to how important is to make every member of your tribe feel valued and important if tribal unity is something you want after that merge. Savaii never tried to do that with Cochran, targeting him early on and constantly dumping on him after challenges, and they're paying the price now.

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Wow, talk about fast forward. I guess Whitney showed what white trash she really is.

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