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October 7, 2015

'Community' Sneak Peek: Greendale's Most Famous Alum, Luis Guzman, Stops By

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 17th 2011 5:05PM
Luis Guzman on 'Community'If you're a hardcore 'Community' fan, then you've probably already goatee'd yourself on social media sites in support of the show. You also probably know that Greendale's most famous alum is stopping by tonight (Thurs., Nov. 17, 8PM ET on NBC).

In 'Documentary Filmmaking: Redux,' Dean Pelton directs the gang in a new commercial for Greendale, which also features fan-favorite students like Magnitude (Pop pop!), Fat Neil, Starburns and Leonard. Also stopping by: the most famous former Human Being of all, actor Luis Guzman, who, as we know, also happens to be immortalized with a statue on campus.

And just like last season's documentary episode, Abed takes over a bit, filming the filming of the commercial for his own archives.

I caught up with the 'Community' cast on set to talk about the Real Luis Guzman vs. Statue Luis Guzman -- here's what stars Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Donald Glover and Gillian Jacobs had to say about "The Guz."

On doing the documentary style again:
McHale: "Abed is doing a documentary of the making of a commercial."

Pudi: "These are always interesting episodes, because I am behind the camera the whole time. So it's kind of fun to be part of it, but also not part of it. And those are also the episodes where I'm most surprised by what happens because I'm not there to see everything."

On guest star Luis Guzman:
Jacobs: "This episode is awesome. The Guz -- we finally got the Guz! And also Jim Rash. That's a very awesome Dean Pelton episode, so when their forces combine ... there's gonna be some awesome stuff happening."

Pudi: "Luis Guzman is definitely the special guest this time around. You know, we've always had the Luis Guzman statue on campus, but I was unsure of 1) how he was going to react to that, and 2) is this just kind of an "in" joke and something he'll never take seriously? And then we saw him on set -- Joe Russo introduced him to us -- and I was like, 'Oh my god. I've literally climbed you! I've climbed your statue and sat on your shoulders before!' That scene was cut -- it was in a 'Breakfast Club' montage in Season 1 where I was literally on his statue and people were like, 'How'd you end up there?' There's a lot of firsts on this show, and this was the first time that I'd climbed a replica scale model of someone before I'd actually met the real person. Usually I meet them and then I find their statue and climb it."

McHale: "He's great. He is spot on. It's like, 'I wonder why that guy works so much? Oh right, because he's really damn good.'"

Brie: "I think he is our most exciting guest star because we all couldn't believe it -- it was a surprise visit when he came in, and we were shooting the Halloween episode where we were all around looking at the psychology tests, and he just popped his head in. We were all suddenly like, 'Ahhhhhhhh! A star is among us!'"

Glover: "He was really nice. I wasn't in any scenes with him because he was mostly in scenes with Dean. But we got to meet him, and he was very funny."

On guest star Luis Guzman going head-to-head with his statue at Greendale:
McHale: "He doesn't have a face-to-face with it because the statue's really tall, but he sees it -- it's the first thing he sees -- and he does something really funny."

Pudi: "I wonder if he thinks it's an accurate portrayal. We'll see. But we feel like we know him because of the statue."

Are you excited for this episode? Tell your friends (and any Nielsen families you know) to watch!

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