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September 2, 2015
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Caroline Loses Her Holiday Spirit on '2 Broke Girls' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 22nd 2011 1:00AM
'2 Broke Girls' - 'And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving'It's always been hard to believe that Caroline could remain so relentlessly perky considering what the character's been through. This week, though, we finally got a glimpse of what losing everything and everyone she's ever known has done to her emotionally on '2 Broke Girls' (Mon., 8:30PM ET on CBS), and it was about time.

Now, I don't want Caroline moping around every week -- as that appears to be Max's job -- but she does need to work through these emotions from time to time at least during her first year as part of the working class. Kudos to her for taking a bad situation (can't afford new mixer) and turning it into a potentially winning one.

Caroline is certainly willing to work for a living now, and even willing to take on a job so closely related to something she used to with her father as a rich person. Or maybe she just wanted to be an elf so she could be close to her father in some way since he didn't want to see her.

That phone call, when he told her not to come, began her downward spiral to a place even darker than Max generally goes. And it was a little unbelievable that Caroline would be so nasty in front of the children. Are we supposed to believe she was mentally altered that much from the energy supplement she took to lose all traces of her personality.

Maybe it was having to wear a pair of tights that a previous elf had suffered an "accident" in, forcing Caroline to cut the crotch out. Yes, this is '2 Broke Girls,' so you knew there was going to be crotch humor.

Or is that a side of Caroline we've yet to see that she usually has lurking around underneath her veneer of optimism and hope. If so, it certainly adds an interesting layer to her personality: a suppressed rage and despair over what she's lost. Maybe she could go crazy like that every time she gets drunk or otherwise altered -- like a mean-spirited recurring joke.

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