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September 1, 2015

Talking TV Podcast Takes on the 'Sons of Anarchy' and the Ladies of 'The Good Wife,' 'New Girl' and 'Suburgatory'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Nov 23rd 2011 12:30PM
Once again, Ryan McGee and I have recorded two podcasts for your listening pleasure.

In the first podcast, we talk about what we're digging about three lady-centric shows: 'The Good Wife,' 'New Girl' and 'Suburgatory.' As I said in a piece I posted earlier today, which re-examines several shows that debuted this fall, 'Suburgatory' has taken a big leap forward in quality and tonight's Thanksgiving episode is well worth a look.

We also did a separate podcast delving into Tuesday's shocking episode of 'Sons of Anarchy,' which I wrote about here.

Running times for the first podcast are below.

'The Good Wife': 0:00 - 13:40

'New Girl': 13:40 -27:46

'Suburgatory': 27:46 - end

Thanks much to listener Carl Brand for the Opie-licious podcast logo on this post.

Don't forget that you can grab the podcasts from iTunes (where you can also subscribe) or you can get this week's discussions from the Talking TV home site (this week's chats are here and here).

Full archives of every 'Talking TV' podcast are available here. The entire 'Talking TV' archives are also available on iTunes. Our RSS feed is here.

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Andini Sukmawati


December 04 2011 at 8:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Andini Sukmawati


December 04 2011 at 8:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Emily K


Can you post a link to the Twilight essay that you mention in the podcast?

Thank you.

November 29 2011 at 2:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Are you sure any of you watch Sons of Anarchy because the conversation was about 90% wrong. For whatever reason, Mo Ryan keeps comparing the show to The Shield and Justified. That's an idiotic comparison. Both of those shows, at their core, were/are police procedurals and SOA isn't. Mo Ryan also keeps saying she's unsure about Clay's motivations. Huh? Really? Clay's motivations are that he wants to keep alive. That's also Gemma's motivations. Jax and probably the club will kill them both if they find out that Clay killed JT. Its seems these 'critics' are looking for more of a motivation, but sometimes it's as simple as self preservation. Mo Ryan also complained about Tig's arc this year. I got news for ya Mo, Tig is about 10th on list in the actors pecking order on this show. I think it was Alan wondering how Clay can survive. We he can survive because he's the second lead. I mean really, you guys are professionals and can't figure that out. There are so many other stupid and idiotic points brought up about SOA, it really made me wonder of any of you can make a living writing about TV. But I guess that's why AOL is just about done.

November 26 2011 at 5:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Mo I would love to hear a conversation between you and Libby Hill on The New Girl. It would be a really important conversation.

I have read and watched all of the Harry Potter books. Hermione is a great character with her own hopes and desires and the men in those books are written really well. The problem I had with the movies, the latter ones, is because Hermione was basically depicted as person for exposition (which she did in the books as well) and basically a sobby worried Harry Potter fan. So I have a problem with reductive characters that re-envision or vision a female character through a male gaze.

For Harry Potter a lot of the fans are also shippers but there is so much to the series. There is time travel, fascism, school work and learning how to deal with death.

I did not ever get into Twilight because all I ever heard out of the series was the shipping aspect of the series. Team Jacob v. Team Edward. Shipping alone doesn't make a series not worth my while. I love Buffy and a lot of that show dealt with should Buffy be with Angel or Spike or some other guy. There was a lot more to the series than that. So I reject Twilight because for me all that I have heard of the series deals with shipping in a way that could be removed from the fantasy concepts all together.

I understanding that these are things that girls and women worry about. But for me I ask the question is it all women should worry about? But more importantly are these books expecting women to only care about shipping? JK Rowling expected her audience young boys and girls to identify with all sorts of different characters the brainy Hermione who is also brave, Fred and George who could pull humor out in dark times, Mrs. Weasley who fiercely defends her children to the point of smothering them or even Snape who is mainly shuned dislikes those who are different from him but his love carries him through to find the strength to do the right thing. The world is filled with complex moral dilemmas. Stories should get us to expect more of ourselves.

This is particularly why I reject The New Girl as well. As Libby Hill points out the concept of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (coined by The AV Club's Nathan Rabin) seems to have been developed out of the personality of Deschanel. The part about her being self effacing is great it makes her human. However, the parts where she can't even take care of herself is what makes the show very problematic for all people. This is not a message that should be conveyed to a wider audience. It is most problematic because this inability to take care of herself is what drives men to like her, it is the classic gendered gaze. So for this reason I don't watch the show. I saw one episode where she goes to reclaim her stuff from her boyfriend's place, they treated her like she was made of glass in that episode. I can never watch this show and it shouldn't be broadcast to a wider audience.

November 24 2011 at 8:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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