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August 31, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for November 28 - December 4

by Laura Prudom, posted Nov 27th 2011 2:00PM

'Gossip Girl' (8PM ET, The CW)

Lily, Charlie and Serena eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe's (guest star Caroline Lagerfelt) honor. Nate takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair turns to an unlikely person for help.

'House' (9PM ET, Fox) midseason finale
In the fall finale, a prosecutor suffers from what he believes to be cardiac arrest during an interrogation at the witness stand. The team's preliminary diagnosis is hyper-anxiety, but when Adams and Park investigate the patient's home and find a hidden arsenal of firearms, they uncover a more alarming and deep-seated psychological disorder. Also, Wilson becomes obsessed with proving that House is hiding something in his home, Park slowly comes out of her social shell and Foreman's lack of romantic relationships piques the interest of Taub and Chase.

'Rizzoli and Isles' (10PM ET, TNT) midseason premiere
Following the return of 'The Closer,' Rizzoli and Isles investigate the shooting of a community activist. Soon after, a witness emerges to testify against a notorious gang member and TV host Bill O'Reilly (guest-starring as himself) turns up to voice his on-air disapproval of the police department.


'Glee' (8PM ET, Fox)

As the race for McKinley High President comes to an end, someone is caught trying to fix the results. Meanwhile, Coach Beiste gets up the nerve to challenge Sue Sylvester and things get complicated for Puck and Quinn.

'Ringer' (9PM ET, The CW) midseason finale
Henry begins to target someone as a suspect in the disappearance of his wife Gemma and realizes he must work with Bridget to find out more information. Malcolm talks to the police about his suspicion of Charlie (guest star Billy Miller), while Juliet develops an unhealthy obsession with her teacher Mr. Carpenter (guest star Jason Dohring). Meanwhile, Agent Machado meets with an informant (guest star -- and 'Buffy' alum -- Amber Benson) back in Wyoming.

'One Born Every Minute' (10PM ET, Lifetime) season premiere
This returning documentary series takes an in-depth look at life inside the maternity ward at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The second season kicks off with two grandmothers fighting over their new grandson, two high-school sweethearts deliver their third child, and a young-at-heart dad eagerly anticipates the birth of his new partner-in-crime.


'Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2011' (8PM ET, NBC)
special presentation
NBC heralds the arrival of the holidays with a dazzling display of musical talent and the lighting of the world's most famous Christmas tree during the 14th annual 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' telecast. Co-hosted by Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie.

'Baseball Wives' (9PM ET, VH1) series premiere
Set in Scottsdale Arizona, the home of baseball's spring training, the show features the wives and girlfriends of talented baseball players from various teams. No shrinking violets here, these ladies are fiercely protective of their turf and their men and if they have to bring on a little drama, then so be it.

'The Soup' (10PM ET, E!) new timeslot
Joel McHale's hilarious clip show of the week's most outrageous, disturbing and downright random TV moments is making its controversial move from Fridays to Wednesdays -- tune in so Joel doesn't have to send Jake Pavelka after you.

'The Exes' (10.30PM ET, TV Land) series premiere
Divorce attorney Holly (Kristen Johnston) introduces her newly-single client Stuart (David Alan Basche) to his new roommates -- ladies' man Phil (Donald Faison) and homebody Haskell (Wayne Knight), who share an apartment which Holly owns. Things start off a little shaky when the two bachelors have reservations about living with clingy Stuart, but Holly is right across the hall to help them avoid any catastrophes.


'Community' (8PM ET, NBC)

When a group of arrogant students commandeer the foosball table at school, Jeff and Shirley unite to defeat them. Meanwhile, Annie accidentally breaks Abed's new limited edition 'Dark Knight' DVD and claims that someone broke into the apartment and stole it. Things snowball out of control when Abed thinks he knows who took the DVD and sets about getting it back.

Leslie Knope'Parks and Recreation' (8.30PM ET, NBC)
Leslie goes on trial and defends her actions in being intimate with Ben.

'Bones' (9PM ET, Fox)
Dismembered remains are discovered in several mailing boxes at a dead letter office, and the Jeffersonian team identifies the victim as an employee of a local Ship 'n' Print, where the staff recently split the winnings of a lottery prize. The team uncovers a complicated love triangle between two married employees and the victim, and while motive points to the husband (guest star Ben Savage), a critical clue leads them to solve the crime definitively. Meanwhile, Booth's grandfather (guest star Ralph Waite) breaks some unexpected news, and Special Agent Genny Shaw (guest star Tina Majorino) learns the importance of teamwork.

'Hostage: Do or Die' (10PM ET, ID) series premiere
Step into the world of hijackings, kidnappings, and standoffs in 'Hostage: Do or Die,' a collection of harrowing stories told from the perspective of the hostage negotiators, victims, witnesses, and sometimes the criminals themselves. With narration from Detective Dominick Misino, an NYPD veteran with expertise in special operations, each episode breaks down a case minute-by-minute to see for the first time what it took to rescue the hostages or, in some instances, what went wrong.


'Nikita' (8PM ET, The CW)
midseason finale
With Michael out of town, Nikita turns to Owen (guest star Devon Sawa) to help her track down and steal another black box from a Guardian. Unfortunately, she discovers that Owen is working for an unlikely employer that could jeopardize Nikita's whole operation. Amanda realizes Alex received privileged information about Semak (guest star Peter J. Lucas) and that information could only have come from Percy. Furious that Percy undermined her, Amanda strips him of all his amenities. Back home in Russia, Alex finally makes her move on Semak.

'Supernatural' (9PM ET, The CW) midseason finale
As Sam and Dean race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life.

'The Take' (9PM ET, Encore) miniseries premiere
As an ardent admirer of Tom Hardy, I would be remiss if I didn't direct you to the 'Inception' star's British miniseries, 'The Take,' which stars Hardy as Frankie, a vicious gangster in London's East End. It's a gripping and dark little series set in the '80s and '90s, which also stars Brian Cox as Frankie's manipulative mentor, and Hardy's real-life fiancée Charlotte Riley as his sister-in-law (awkward).

'Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold' (10PM ET, Lifetime) series premiere
Considered one of the first celebrities to go public with her experience battling anorexia while growing up in front of the camera, actress Tracey Gold has since become one of the world's most recognized advocates and role models for educating people on the emotional and physical dangers of eating disorders. Now, she is reaching out and helping women one-on-one to face their life threatening condition. In each one-hour episode, Tracey will work with women in the grips of anorexia or bulimia as she uses her own experience to reach them in ways no one else can. Along with a team of specialists, Tracey helps these women confront the reality of their conditions and find the treatment they need to begin to turn their lives around.


'A Princess for Christmas' (8PM ET, Hallmark)
original telefilm
A woman becomes the sole guardian of her niece and nephew when her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident. Her parenting skills aren't up to much, but things begin to turn around following an invitation to spend Christmas with the children's paternal grandfather, a wealthy duke (played by Sir Roger Moore).


'Once Upon a Time' (8PM ET, ABC)
David -- aka John Doe -- must choose between staying with Kathryn or leaving her to be with Mary Margaret, with whom he's fallen deeply, and inexplicably, in love; and Emma catches Sheriff Graham in a lie. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world that was, Prince Charming is about to encounter a life-changing event that will forever alter his destiny.

'The Good Wife' (9PM ET, CBS)
A routine arbitration turns into a battle of wills between Alicia and Louis Canning, but the pair makes an unexpected connection when a personal crisis interrupts the proceedings. Michael J. Fox returns as Louis Canning, and Jennifer Carpenter ('Dexter') guest stars as Alicia's latest client.

'Homeland' (10PM ET, Showtime)
Sgt. Walker's Washington contact is identified by Carrie and Saul, but they discover that the target is protected via diplomatic immunity. Elsewhere, influential politicians approach Brody about the possibility of running to take over a disgraced congressman's seat.

What will you be watching this week?

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Glee, once upon a time, parenthood, happy endings, bones, and Grimm!!

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