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October 10, 2015

'Boardwalk Empire' Gangster Index, Week 10: Jimmy Pays His Debts

by Alex Moaba, posted Nov 28th 2011 12:00PM
Jimmy Darmody may possess the keys to Atlantic City, but in 'Georgia Peaches,' he found out the hard way that Nucky Thompson's old job isn't so easy after all. With his latest shipment of whiskey collecting dust in a distillery after Nucky flooded the town with Irish stock, Jimmy's partners and creditors rapidly lost patience with 'Boardwalk''s prodigal son, and his wife Angela payed a dire price for his hubris.

To keep track of the deals, deception and death, AOL TV is continuing our 'Boardwalk Empire' gangster index, a guide to who's up and who's down among HBO's organized criminals.

Check out the index to find out how your favorite liquor-slinging sociopath fared this week ...

Stock up: Nucky Thompson. He's successfully selling his imported Irish Whiskey, niftily disguised it as Feeney's Irish Oats, all over town. It's a premium product that sells for $30 dollars a case, less than half the going rate. Also, his plan to throw Atlantic City into chaos by urging Chalky White to get the black workers to strike, thereby turning up the heat on Darmody, is working to perfection. On Rothstein's recommendation, he got himself a slick new lawyer with a propensity for bribing judges, and even though Nucky doesn't have the money for pay-offs now, he will soon, thanks to all those whiskey proceeds.

Holding steady: Nelson Van Alden. He was served with divorce papers in the mail from his wife after the sordid baby incident with Lucy. It might be time for him to turn up the charm and seduce his mail-order nanny. On the plus side, the federal prosecutor is finally taking him seriously as a witness against Nucky Thompson. Specifically, she plans to press for murder charges in Hans Schroeder's death, based on Van Alden's investigation.

Stock down: Jimmy Darmody. He may have taken over as Atlantic City's power-broker-in-chief, but he's still cash-poor, and it tragically caught up with him this episode. He'd been putting off paying Manny Horvitz a measly $5,000 for weeks, turning a one-time Philadelphia ally into an enemy. Last episode, he sent someone to take him out, but his guy couldn't finish the job, and Munya realized from an Atlantic City matchbox that his assassin was sent by Darmody. (Darmody should really consider using Harrow, or himself, as an assassin ... whenever he sends someone else to do a job, it seems to get botched.)

Darmody compounded his mistake, sending Mickey Doyle to Philadelphia to try to pay off his debt to Horvitz in liquor. But Munya was wise to the game, and roughed up an injured Doyle, who told him where Jimmy lived. And the butcher showed up at his beach-side house when Darmody was away on business, shooting Jimmy's wife Angie three times in the head and her lesbian lover through the heart. "Your husband did this to you," Horvitz said, and he was right: Jimmy's arrogance was responsible for the way this played out, and all hell seems poised to break loose now.

Stock up: Chalky White. The black workers' strike for better wages and working conditions that he organized is having its intended effect on Atlantic City's tourist season: grinding the city's service economy to a halt, and showing everyone how much power the community holds. In a sit-down with Darmody, it was Chalky who dictated the terms of a possible settlement: $3,000 to each of the families of the men who were killed in the Klan attack, and delivery of the Klansmen who perpetrated the shooting so Chalky can deal with them personally. When Darmody said that he couldn't accommodate the second demand, Chalky told him the strike would continue.

Stock up: The Commodore. He speaks! Frustrated with Jimmy's caution in violently breaking the black workers' strike, he called his son out for being weak ("Why don't you just show 'em your cunt?") and then demanded a drink. Maybe he isn't a vegetable after all. And maybe Jimmy will smother him with a pillow before he regains much more of his strength.

Stock down: Eli Thompson. First he suggested that Darmody and his young gang abandon the political coup and take Nucky out the old-fashioned way, then he recommended sending in goons with billy-clubs to break up the strike. Used the opportunity to send his Deputy Sheriff Ray Hallerin a serious message about not talking to the feds, as the goons beat him within in inch of his life. But the beating had the opposite effect, and as soon as Hallerin realized Eli had ordered the beating, he called the prosecutor immediately. The only thing Eli has going for him now is his insignificance. The feds don't want to prosecute him for Schroeder's murder; they want to use him to get to Nucky. If Eli was willing to order his brother's murder, he'll probably be willing to talk to save his own skin.

Stock up: Luciano & Lansky. With their shipment of Remus' booze held up in a distillery because Nucky's got A.C. "drenched," the New York crew has a back-up intoxicant all lined up: heroin. It has the potential to be hugely profitable and easy to transport, if only they can find interested customers. Luciano gave Darmody a sample to "get out to the locals," but you wonder if Jimmy might end up getting high on his own supply after finding out about his wife's murder. After all, he made himself quite at home in Chicago's opium dens after Nucky cast him out of Atlantic City in Season One.

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Were Angela & Jimmy married? I thought they'd only had the boy together

November 28 2011 at 12:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to atlantaricky's comment
Alex Moaba

I think they eloped in-between Seasons 1 & 2. I remember Jimmy and Nucky talking about it on Jimmy's porch earlier this season.

November 28 2011 at 1:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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