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October 7, 2015

Maggie Q Talks Nikita and Michael, Reuniting with Alex and Charities Close to Her Heart

by Laura Prudom, posted Dec 2nd 2011 10:30AM
Maggie QTonight, The CW will air the last 'Nikita' episode of 2011, which will probably result in much wailing and rending of garments when we're left with an inevitable and infuriating cliffhanger to speculate over for the next four weeks.

Suspecting that this whole "winter hiatus" nonsense was just another evil scheme devised by Division to lower our morale, we decided to track down the show's elusive heroine to gather some much-needed intel on Nikita's relationships with Michael, Alex, Owen and Ryan.

In addition to supplying us with scoop about Nikita's potential romances and the character's troubled backstory, Maggie Q also shared a few of her favorite charitable organizations with us, just in case you're in a giving mood this holiday season. Hit the jump for our one-on-one chat with Q, but tread carefully, there are light spoilers ahead.

It's been a rough ride for Nikita lately; she came very close to losing Birkoff in episode 9 and she's separated from Michael -- what's her mental state going into this week's episode?
Oh, that's the right question. I mean, she's fragile for sure -- the risks have always been big but now they're becoming incredibly personal. I think the whole idea of [losing everyone] is really sort of scaring her. Without her rock, Michael, and the threat of losing her friend, it's something that keeps kind of pushing her more into that place of 'I don't want to be here anymore, I don't want to do this anymore, how do I get out? How do I finish what I've started and hopefully have a life? And if I get there, how do I live with myself?'

Midseason finales always seem to tie the varying plot threads together; what can you tease about the storylines converging in this episode?
Well, you're going to see Nikita going out on a new mission and trying to get a black box back, that's sort of the point. She gave hers up to get Birkoff back, which was well worth it, but she has now lost her strategic position with Division. So, we're going to see her going, for the first time, to find Owen, which never happens. The writers and I have this joke about how Owen always pops up; it's like, 'hey, Nikita' and she's like, 'oh, what are you doing here?' He's always finding her because he always needs something, but this is the first time she's actually going to go to Owen because she needs something from him.

Owen and NikitaThere's always been a great tension between Nikita and Owen, but in her mind, will he forever partially be the guy who killed her fiancé and ruined her chance at normalcy?
Yes and no, because I feel like if she doesn't get past that, if she doesn't forgive Owen in that space, then she really can't live with herself, because I think Owen is her mirror. She can sort of understand how far she's gone, what her flaws have been, and what the things that are unforgivable about herself are, through him, because they really are kind of the same person. I think that's something that she's sort of battled with. There was an episode in season one where he actually came out very overtly and apologized for what had happened, what he did to her. It was really interesting that she didn't say 'it's okay' or 'you're forgiven.' But she said instead 'take care of yourself.' She went and she embraced him, which basically meant it's so painful but you can't say in words 'it's okay' because it'll never be okay. But the fact that she actually allows him to be in her life means that she's on her way to healing with him and also with herself.

Fans are obviously fairly upset about the current Michael and Nikita split, although we all know that those two are made for each other; can you tell us anything about their upcoming storyline?
Well, you can't root for people who are always winning. I think that the very adult problem that the writers have come up with and has come between them is kind of an awesome problem. Maybe it wouldn't be if Michael hadn't lost his family 10 years ago and wasn't in the headspace that he still craves that and wants that -- that's something that he's lost and is a void in his life. The reality is that it's not something that Nikita can provide for him, not at the moment. If this is something that's enticing him to someone else and to another situation, what really gets me about it, there's really nothing she can do, because it's not something that she's caused. I think those are the problems that really affect people the most, because they're problems that there's no one real solution to, which is why I like it.

And Nikita's not used to being helpless, which must make it even more frustrating for her.
Totally -- I think strong women can get put in a situation like that. You kind of have to, at some point, bite the bullet and say 'I've got to let you go, because holding you back from something that I know you're feeling is not healthy.' I mean, in the end, it's incredibly selfish. She's got to be the bigger person, she's got to be the adult.

We've seen a few flashbacks this season, but not much that really sheds more light on Nikita's past and her time in foster care -- are we going to deal with more of those issues in the episodes after hiatus?
Absolutely, we're slowly moving into that this season. There's going to be character, actually sooner than I thought, that's going to come in that was somebody who was a big influence on Nikita when she was on the streets. That person's going to come into play. We're also going to go way back, pre-Division Nikita, so, that's going to be interesting too. But we're slowly building to that, definitely.

It's been great to see Alex and Nikita watching out for each other from afar, even if Nikita doesn't agree with Alex's current path. How will their storylines intertwine in upcoming episodes?
We're going to see hope for them in the future; we're going to see a little bit of them working together again and it's going to be really nice. At the end of the day, I think what's going to be difficult is where Alex's head is going to be at in terms of what she wants to reclaim and what she feels entitled to and responsible for in terms of her family and their legacy. I think one of the big issues is that Nikita's always wanted to save her from herself and she hasn't wanted Alex to go back and explore who her family was and what they did. Really, at the end of the day, what Alex's father was involved in was not good stuff; he wasn't exactly a good man, he didn't do good things. So for her to follow in his footsteps wouldn't be a positive thing. I think Nikita's tried to shelter her from that for a long time. But we're going to get to a point where you can't tell people what to do, you can't.

I loved the way that the show set things up to draw Ryan Fletcher further into the dealings with Division in episode 7, can you reveal anything that might be coming up with Noah Bean?
Well, I first want to start with saying that Noah Bean is one of my favorite people on the planet, and he's such a consummate professional and such a cutie pie and so perfect for our show because he really grounds the show in a different way. You've got Michael who is just sort of Michael and very specific, sort of the brooding, sexy guy. Then you've got Owen, who is more like a rogue kind of man. Then in Ryan, you've got this sort of intelligence and as I said, grounded is the word that best describes him. He's so earnest. There's something really lovely and natural about the way he does things. I think that he is going to prove to be a really good friend of Nikita's and somebody that she, and I'm talking mostly professionally, has a future with.

Can you give us any hints about particular episodes to look forward to when the show returns from winter hiatus?
Things are all going to come to head with Percy and things that he's planning under the table. So things are really going to come to a head in terms of three episodes where there's going to be one storyline of this pending implosion that's just going to be stretched out over three episodes. That's going to be interesting for people, because it's going to be the web all coming together, with Division, Nikita, Oversight, everything.

Your passion for animal rights has always been so inspiring -- are there any charities or organizations that you want to spotlight or would encourage fans to donate to?
Gosh, there's so many, and I'm worldwide [laughs]. There's an organization that I love in England called the Aspinall Foundation, they started rescuing gorillas many years ago. They branched out to many different things, actually, over the years and many different types of animals, with species protection. I think now they're the largest gorilla sanctuary outside of Africa.

The great foundation in Asia is called the Animals Asia Foundation; they deal directly with dog and cat rescue. Also, they have a big project called the China Moon Bear Project where they save moon bears from captivity. Incredible foundation. It's not just changing the lives of animals but actually changing things at a policy level in Asia, which has never happened before, so that organization I'm very close to and I work closely with in that region.

In the United States there are two organizations, one called Best Friends Animal Society, which is the biggest non-kill shelter in the United States -- actually, I think the biggest non-kill shelter in the world. It's 10,000 acres of just, it doesn't matter, you could have one leg or no eyeballs or want to eat people's faces off and they will never put any animal down. So lovely, I go up there and I volunteer every year -- I go up there and pick up dog s*** and feed the goats and clean up the horse troughs, it's one of my big passions.

Another organization that's fantastic in the US is Farm Sanctuary, which is going a little bit further into farm animal rescue. I'm vegan and totally committed to the non-meat eating, and they rescue farm animals from slaughter houses. It's a really incredible foundation that I love.

Then one other one that I really love, if anybody's going to Africa, is the David Sheldrick Trust -- they're an elephant orphanage that works out of Nairobi. They're based an hour outside of Nairobi in Kenya where they basically take orphans for eight years and they release them at eight years of age. But yeah, they rescue orphan elephants and they also have rhinos and things like that. So, if anybody wants to donate to them, they're an incredible organization.

'Nikita' airs Fridays at 8PM ET on The CW. The midseason finale airs tonight, and the show returns from hiatus on Friday, January 6.

Do you think Nikita might find a deeper connection with Owen, or do you think she's still hung up on Michael? How do you think Ryan Fletcher will impact Nikita's mission against Division? Are you excited for Nikita and Alex to reunite? Share your predictions below.

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Laura, great interview. Love how you devoted a section to all of the wonderful animal welfare charities Maggie's involved with. Farm Sanctuary is one of my faves and so happy to see Maggie Q supports them so wholeheartedly.

December 03 2011 at 1:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
John Bryans Fontaine

I am waiting for the series to reveal that Nikita is Percy's daughter ( ! )

Percy : I am your father!!

Nikita : Shouldn't you be in a Darth Vader costume?

December 02 2011 at 1:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for this! We love u, Laura!

December 02 2011 at 10:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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