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October 6, 2015
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'The Amazing Race': Who Made the Final Three? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 5th 2011 1:00AM
'The Amazing Race' - 'We Are Charlie Chaplin'Whenever a new leg of 'The Amazing Race' (Sun., 8PM ET on CBS) starts, you have to forget what came before. New challenges often lead to new emerging leaders. But one thing has been pretty consistent on this season. Andy and Tommy have had the luckiest run, helping elevate them to six first-place finishes. And Cindy has been so jealous of their success.

She's the kind of crazed perfectionist and competitive personality that makes her fun to watch on the 'Race,' but also makes you think she'd probably drive you crazy in the real world. Actually, she kind of drives me a bit crazy on the show, too. Sometimes you just want to tell her to relax and enjoy the experience.


Equalizers are the bane of 'The Amazing Race.' Usually teams catch up to one another because of transportation schedules or waiting for various public venues to open. But this week saw something new to the racing experience, and it could have cost one team the race.

They were given a puzzle to figure out for the Pit Stop this leg, and when one team figured it out and told their cab driver, suddenly two more cab drivers were getting directions from the one who'd figured it out. Cindy admitted she had no idea where the cab was taking her, but they were going with it.

Is it possible that had the cab drivers not colluded that some of those teams might not have figured it out and gotten there so soon? Andy and Tommy came to the wrong conclusions at the dancing girls, but they weren't the only team. Their disadvantage at this point was that they were the first ones out of there, meaning their driver didn't get to chat it up with the other drivers and figure out where to take them.

In the end, everyone showed up at the same time, except for Tommy and Andy. Their luck had finally run out, as had their time on the Race. It's a shame to see them go, because they did run such a fun and clean race, but everyone ran clean this time. There were no clear-cut villains, which is probably why Cindy's complaining was so notable.

With the perpetual leaders out of 'The Amazing Race,' who do you think will win it now?
Ernie & Cindy39 (18.8%)
Jeremy & Sandy39 (18.8%)
Marcus & Amani129 (62.3%)

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