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June 30, 2015

2007 Emmys: broadcast gallery pics

Tonight I could have written the great American novel, learned to play Chopin's Etudes, brought peace to the Middle East, or painted my house. Oh, the ennui of such pedestrian avocations. Let somebody else do all that (especially the house painting). I spent my time camped in front of the Emmys, snapping screen shots of the rollicking festivities. Nine galleries (click the headers below); over 500...

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"Lost" and the pacing of mystery

Lost is losing me. The kickoff to the second half of the season, "23rd Psalm," has accelerated my disaffection. Yet I used to love this thing, devouring it every Wednesday and thinking about it during the week. The shows I think about between episodes are Battlestar Galactica and 24. Both have been in production longer than Lost, and both still have me in their grip. Since all three tell...

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GoDaddy builds hype for Super Bowl ad

After having its 2005 ad yanked in mid-Bowl by FCC-fearing Fox executives, internet domain registrar GoDaddy is gleefully promoting (though not releasing) its 2006 ad. GoDaddy chief Bob Parsons is warning anyone who's interested that the commercial might not be approved by ABC censors. Considering how delighted he was with the results of the 2005 controversy, I think we can count on the 2006 versi...

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Oprah-Dave Reunion: Forgiveness and Glamour

I harbored deep misgivings about Oprah's blockbuster appearance on Letterman, her first ever on Late Show and her first sit-down with Dave in over 16 years. I'm not an Oprah-hater; I'm too far out of her demographic to have much opinion about her. When the Letterman booking was announced, I went into anticipatory mourning for the upcoming loss of Dave's legendary, ongoing mocking of the woman. I h...

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