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September 1, 2014

'Damages' Season 3 Preview: Ripped From the Madoff Headlines

If you thought the first two seasons of 'Damages' were intense, things get amped up in the season 3 opener. We won't spoil the shocking surprises, but there's plenty of new cast firepower as well, including Martin Short playing a tough-as-nails lawyer to a Madoff-like family called the Tobins, who are struggling with the fallout of their patriarch's fraudulent activities. Naturally that means...

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Despite Three Shows, Ted Danson Only Works Six Months a Year

He's on three acclaimed television shows -- 'Damages,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Bored To Death' -- yet Ted Danson confessed to AOL that he's not as busy as you'd think. "To be honest, I work about six months out of the year," the actor told AOL while in town Tuesday night to promote the new 'Damages' season 2 DVD release and the season 3 premiere. "I have family weddings and have been...

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Tate Donovan Talks Life On And Off 'Damages'

As Tom Shayes on 'Damages,' Tate Donovan has had it a bit rough. He's been fired and rehired twice by Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), and Ellen (Rose Byrne) had the FBI arrest him while he was on the way to seeing his son be born. You'd think he might get a break in the third season, but no. "It gets worse," he confessed to AOL TV, in New York City Tuesday night to promote the brand new 'Damages'...

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Joshua Jackson Talks 'Fringe' Romance

'Fringe' may give us a weekly dose of strange characters, bizarre phenomena and wild special effects, but what draws us back are the charismatic, quirky, heroes. And as Olivia, Peter and Walter continue investigating The Pattern and delve deeper into inter-dimensional strangeness, they grow closer -- so close, in fact, that some wonder if Peter and Olivia may soon set off sparks of their own....

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Can 'Glee' Survive a Four-Month Break?

Those of us who watched 'Glee' prior to its September debut on Fox knew that it was something special. The combination of teenage antics, musical gusto and spirited characters make it a deliciously fun dramedy. So it was no surprise when it became the breakout hit of the season for the network. Yet despite its excellent ratings and loyal viewership, the sassy singing show is going on hiatus for...

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EXCLUSIVE: 'V' Star Elizabeth Mitchell Dispels Rumors of Show Being Retooled

Many sci-fi fans were ecstatic at the arrival of 'V' last week -- it became the biggest scripted debut pilot of the fall season -- even as some hardcore fans from back in the day were cringing at what the reboot will bring. And yet despite the premiere's success, a persistent rumor has swirled that producers are retooling the show. Scott Rosenbaum has replaced Scott Peters as showrunner and...

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