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January 30, 2015

I'd Never Heard Of 'Billy The Exterminator,' and Then I Watched It

I rarely watch A&E. For the most part, the channel doesn't offer the kind of programming I like. I used to be a fan of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter,' one of A&E's most prominent shows, but after watching the same basic storyline every week, it became old and I moved on. Recently, I decided to give A&E another try. I did so with a show about a Louisiana-based exterminator that wears the mo...

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Why We Watch: 'Pawn Stars'

When it comes to reality television, the History Channel rarely comes to mind. The channel typically focuses on the major events of World War II, the Kennedy Assassination and top Revolutionary War figures. But on Monday nights at 10PM ET, it's taken over by a reality juggernaut that offers the most entertainment and educational value of any show on television: 'Pawn Stars.' If you're not watch...

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How HGTV Can Become Your New TV Obsession

When it comes time to think about some of the best shows on television, the list usually comprises major network programs that get the most attention. But as my top shows have come to a close this season, I've been forced to venture into unknown territories. Upon doing so, I've found some real contenders that have entertained me more than 'The Office,' '30 Rock' and all my other standbys did this ...

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Five Things 'American Idol' Could Learn From 'Dancing With the Stars'

Just a few months ago, 'American Idol' was the country's most popular television show. It was a juggernaut that most believed couldn't be matched. But 'Dancing With the Stars' challenged 'Idol' in the ratings this season, thanks to an all-star cast that offered the best dancing ability of any group so far. Some say that 'Idol's' ratings decline can be attributed to the poor quality of talent ...

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