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December 27, 2014

What's Hot on Inside Movies: Colin Firth, Best Cameos, Worst Movies of Decade

Check out our friends over at Inside Movies for the latest news, features, interviews and free movies. If you didn't visit there today, you missed: Gary Susman's continuing look at the Academy Awards race. This week: Best Supporting Actor, ranging from "The Locks" (Christoph Waltz) to "Don't Forget" (Richard Gere)....

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Aziz Ansari Talks 'Parks and Recreation,' Judd Apatow and Raaaaaaaandy

26-year-old actor/comedian Aziz Ansari is riding a wave most of his peers can only dream about. As the lecherous, sarcastic Tom Haverford on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' Ansari has received critical acclaim and helped dispel any thoughts of an 'Office'-type knockoff. The former co-creator of MTV sketch comedy show 'Human Giant,' Ansari now shuffles his time between 'Parks,' movie roles and sta...

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: 'Harry Potter,' 'Brothers' and Best Actor Breakdown

If you're not a steady reader of Moviefone's Inside Movies, you're missing out on some good stuff: The Independent Spirit Awards, the hipster cousin to the Oscars, announced their 2010 nominations. Speaking of Oscars, Gary Susman breaks down possible nominees for Best Actor at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards next year, ranging from "The Locks" (George Clooney) to "Don't Forget" (Patton Oswalt...

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What's Hot On Inside Movies: Viggo Mortensen, 'Robsessed,' Apocalypse Flicks

As we get closer to Turkey Day, a few items for you to check out over at Moviefone's Inside Movies: Viggo Mortensen talks to Moviefone about 'The Road,' Aragorn, and a potential 'Eastern Promises' sequel. Speaking of 'The Road,' Moviefone takes a look at some of our favorite post-apocalypse flicks from past years. Wanna guess who's number one?...

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Obama's Run Documented in HBO's 'By the People'

Putting aside ideological politics for a minute (we know it's hard, but try), the act of running for president, with 24-hour cameras and a grueling, unending schedule of handshakes, smiles and stump speeches, must wear on anyone that attempts it. With 'By the People: The Election of Barack Obama,' filmmakers Amy Rice and Alicia Sams follow then-candidate Obama from May 2006 up until election night...

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Jerry O'Connell on 'Eastwick,' Elisabeth Moss on 'Mercy' & More Casting News

Be on the lookout for a number of famous guest stars to appear on your favorite shows this season. Check out a round-up of some recently-announced apppearances: • Actor/producer Jerry O'Connell is set to star opposite his real-life wife Rebecca Romijn on the season's final two episodes of Romijn's ABC hit 'Eastwick.' O'Connell will play Kat's (Jaime Ray Newman) new neighbor, Colin, who isn...

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'The Cleveland Show' Gets Full Second Season

Get ready for a whole lot more of 'The Cleveland Show.' When it was announced that the Emmy-nominated 'Family Guy' would spin off one of its characters, a collective "Wha?!?!" was heard across the Internet when Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin's meek, unassuming neighbor, got the nod over the wildly popular and eternally horny Glenn Quagmire....

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