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May 27, 2015

Barbara Walters: This Year's Oscar Special Will Be the Last

Barbara Walters announced on 'The View' today that this year would be the last for her annual Oscar night celebrity interview special. "ABC has asked me to keep doing these specials as they have been so successful -- and I'm thrilled we have such great stars and have such a wonderful show -- but to be honest, I feel like I've 'been there, done that,'" Walters said....

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: Sandra Bullock Tops Moneymaker List, More 'Hurt Locker' Accolades

Welcome to the new decade! Resolution One: check out what's happening over at Moviefone's Inside Movies. Sandra Bullock was the biggest box office draw in 2009, with 'The Proposal' and 'The Blind Side' hauling in over $500 million (and counting) combined. Check out the rest of the Top 10 box office draws....

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: 'Knight & Day,' Record-Breaking Holiday Box Office

Wrap up 2009 with a glimpse of what's happening over at Moviefone's Inside Movies: Tom Cruise returns to butt-kicking form in 'Knight & Day,' an action-comedy due next summer co-starring Cameron Diaz. Check out the trailer. It was a record-breaking Christmas holiday at the box office, led by 'Avatar's' $75 million weekend take....

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: Remembering Brittany Murphy

Today on Moviefone's Inside Movies: -- We remember Brittany Murphy and the unique spirit she brought to her most memorable roles. -- The details surrounding Murphy's death of cardiac arrest yesterday at the age of 32 are still developing. The LAPD has launched an investigation and an autopsy is underway. More headlines after the jump....

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: 'Ghostbusters 3' Spoilers, 'New Moon' Piracy Charges Dropped, DiCaprio to Play Viking Warrior

It's an intense Monday over at Inside Movies, full of ghosts and vampires and vikings ... oh my! Sigourney Weaver confirms that 'Ghostbusters 3' is happening and reveals some juicy plot points. Major spoiler alert -- read the posting only if you want to know the details! Charges have been dropped against the 22-year old 'Twilight' fan arrested in Ohio last week for videotaping snippets of 'N...

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TV Moment of 2009: Jenny Slate Drops the F-Bomb on 'SNL'

After a long, hot summer full of reruns and reality television, the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' is a welcome event. That first fall episode usually has a back-to-school feeling about it --- the cast a mix of familiar faces and fresh ones --- and the premiere of the 35th season, hosted by Megan Fox, promised to be no exception. With cast member Darrell Hammond departing after 14 yea...

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: Jack Black Hunts Bigfoot; Top 10 Comedies of 2009

It's a perfect day for curling up with the latest Moviefone news. Here's what's happening on Inside Movies: Funnyman Jack Black's new animated project has him hunting for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other cryptozoological legends. Check out our rundown of the Top 10 Comedies of the year. Do you see your favorites? Add your thoughts in the comments. More posts after the jump....

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: 'New Moon' Box Office, 'Blind Side' Fact vs. Fiction

It's an exciting Monday over at Moviefone's Inside Movies. Check out the latest: Oh. My. Stars. 'New Moon's' Robert Pattinson asks a female fan to strip. Shockingly, she complies. And there's video! More Robert Pattinson action, this time speaking with fans at the 'New Moon' premiere. Check out the video and comprehensive Twihard blogger coverage. What a weekend it was for the 'New Moon' crew. ...

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Joel McHale and Ken Jeong on 'Community' College Life

Joel McHale and Ken Jeong are having a very good year. Earlier this fall, McHale -- who was until now perhaps best known as the host of 'The Soup' -- appeared as an FBI agent in Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh's 'The Informant!'. Now, as disgraced lawyer Jeff Winger on NBC's critically-acclaimed new comedy 'Community,' he has the central role in that all-too-rare commodity: a truly "sm...

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