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August 29, 2015

Canadians Invade Your TV in 2010-2011

Most of us have wrapped up the 2009-2010 TV season, aside from the watching blitz you have planned for a series on DVD or a couple of stragglers on your PVR. A summer of reality television, the World Cup, and 'Mad Men' (thank God!) are what we have to look forward to. With all this closure comes the push to generate excitement around the upcoming fall season, with major networks announcing thei...

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Lunatics Running The Asylum: 'The Marriage Ref' Could Use a Real Coach

For nine seasons, NBC and Jerry Seinfeld successfully dominated the ratings with the self-proclaimed show about nothing. According to producers, the rules of the ever-popular and manically-rerun 'Seinfeld' series were simple – no hugging, no learning. Who knew that Seinfeld could accomplish all of these goals all over again with his new series, 'The Marriage Ref'? Now nearing half a d...

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