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September 1, 2014

On Idol, it's a woman's world

So this week I spent my days in "The Big Easy," celebrating Mardi Gras like it's supposed to be celebrated! I'm not sure if it was the loud music in New Orleans that damaged my ears (or maybe it wasn't) but the boys vs. girls week had a clear winner. One thing is for sure -- this is a woman's world from here on out. The girls blew the house down ... with the boys in it. I'm going to go over the...

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Antonella and Sundance get lucky in Hollywood

OMG! This has definitely been the most exciting week yet! I think that the stars are truly shining through, making America's decision much easier in finding this year's American Idol! Let's start with Tuesday night's show. It was obvious, 16-year-old Baylie Brown would find a spot in the Top 24. She's young, spunky and had the talent to back her up. Unfortunately, forgetting her lyrics during the...

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Idol auditions: What you don't ever see

I have been asked many times about what really goes on during the audition process. Do you really sleep outside? Do Randy, Simon and Paula see everyone? Do you go straight to Hollywood? Experiencing this process firsthand, I am going to give you a little insight on what really goes on. For my audition in Las Vegas, 9,000 people showed up. I got in line at 2 in the morning and waited until noon....

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From Birmingham to the City of Angels

Maybe it was me, but only having to watch one hour of the auditions each night kept it short and simple. It was easy to watch the show with less sarcasm and really see some potential talent. Tuesday night, we started off in Birmingham, Ala. Finally, we saw some contestants who I think are definitely finalist material. That being said, it brings me right to Chris Sligh! Not only was he the first...

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No more sob stories, just sing!

Well, I am finding it very hard to begin this blog. I am torn between starting with Julie -- I mean Isadora -- who basically had an orgasm on national television, or Ian Bernardo, who not only told Simon to F-off (which usually I respect but found it odd for him to say), who as well thinks he is quite the superstar. Okay. Let's just start with the premise of last night's show. We started off in...

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Memphis. M-E-M-P-H-I-S. Memphis.

Before I begin, I would like to inform you on something: I had an audition of my very own this week to decide who was going to be my fish of the month. (Usually, my fish only last for about a month.) Luckily, I have welcomed Vinny the Beta Fish into my home, and we are off to a great start. We start our second week off in good ol' Memphis. Thank God I once had a spelling bee with the word...

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The 'Idol' premiere according to Mikalah Gordon

What's up guys?! It's Mikalah Gordon here from season four of American Idol. I have been given the opportunity, thanks to AOL, to give you a weekly blog of my thoughts and opinions of this years A.I. Now, enough chit chat, lets get on with the gossip. As I sat in front of the TV eating the best enchilada in the world, I heard a familiar song that took me right back to my audition two years ago....

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