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September 1, 2014

T-Mobile: Duane Wade vs Charles Barkley

Duane Wade is the new hotness, and we all know it. Charles Barkley however thinks he is still the junk after so many years. If only he knew he was actually old and busted. I guess waitresses have a way of letting you know. Duane offers to have Barkley in his fave five (from T-Mobile) and Barkley just thinks he's being a young kid who thinks he's all that, when really it is the way other around....

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Google's Super Bowl XL Commercial Archive

Remember all the ads you saw at last year's Super Bowl? No? Well, me neither, until I found Google's massive archive of them that is. They have what looks like every ad from Super Bowl XL, The Bud Light Secret Fridge, Bud On The Roof, Bud Save Yourself (with the Bear), Hummer Monsters, Mission Impossible III, Nationwide Gondola, Jessica Simpson's Pizza Hut commercial, Taco Bell's Good to Go,...

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GoDaddy's road to the SuperBowl

GoDaddy is notorious, and infamous for their ads that some call "racy", some call "disgusting", but most call "funny" or "sexy." Either way they have had trouble getting their ads approved for inclusion in the Super Bowl. Finally, their last ad has been approved. I really didn't think the ad I saw was so bad (the two guys in the office), but the Super Bowl is a family show after all. There aren't...

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Toyota Tundra Superbowl kick-off

Toyota picked the super-bowl this year to start their advertising campaign for the new Tundra. Besides the ads, Toyota will be staging a bunch of "Prove it!" test drives across the nation in the next six months. Toyota is said to have spent twice the amount they ever have on a vehicle launch, so hopefully the ads are that good. Toyota is simply trying to showcase the new Tundra's capabilities in...

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