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October 9, 2015

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Bristow is back!

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Feb 27th 2006 3:22PM

Sydney BristowAfter Bob reported that ABC hadn't placed the final episodes of Alias into the midseason line-up, I think most people (myself included), were how do you say it? Oh right, "pissed off."

However, it now seems that ABC has gone ahead and decided to air the last hours of one of the greatest shows on TV. That's right - Sydney, Jack, Sloane, and the rest of the Alias gang return in April (according to our friends at SpoilerFix.com, April 19 to be exact) for a two-hour midseason special. According to the report, which started with Kristin at E! Online, the two-hour return will be followed by four more hour-long episodes and the series will come to an end with another two-hour explosion sometime in May.

Now on paper, this sounds great, right? Alias is coming back! Wait! Except, that if these numbers are right... then we're getting an extremely shortened season. Normally Alias, like most other hour-long dramas, runs for a 22 episode season. If we're getting only 8 more new hours between now and the series finale, that means this season clocks in at only 17 hours. Can't say that I'm too pleased about that. We've had only nine season five episodes so far (I double checked here), so eight more makes 17. Well... at least it's coming back right? Maybe this will all change and we'll get more?

[Thanks to Susan for bringing this to our attention.]

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Drew Lachey wins Dancing with the Stars

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 27th 2006 8:00AM
lachey winsMaybe now people will start referring to Drew Lachey as 'the dancer' instead of 'the brother of Nick Lachey'. Last night, he and dancing partner Cheryl Burke won the ugly mirrorball trophy on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Half of the decision was up to the judges and half was up to the voters.

Pro wrestler Stacy Keibler was eliminated halfway through the show, bringing it down to Drew and Jerry Rice.

What do you think? Is Drew the rightful winner?

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