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October 4, 2015


Is Carnivale coming back?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 23rd 2005 9:09AM

CarnivaleHBO wants to do a two hour movie to wrap up all the loose ends left unresolved when the show was canceled last spring. But the show's creators don't think that there's enough time to do a movie that will be satisfactory, since there is still a lot of story to cover. However, the story might continue as...a comic book!

At any rate, there will actually be a Carnivale convention in California next year.

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It's official: Carnivale leaves town

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 11th 2005 9:55AM
carnivaleFollowing up on previous rumors, HBO officially announced the end has come for its original series Carnivale, leaving fans in the dust after only two of the show's planned six seasons aired. I for one will miss the show and its fantastic cast of characters, its incredible writing and compelling stories. After a questionable first season, the show took a dramatic leap with its engaging story in its second and now final season, though didn't increase its viewership. Sunday nights won't be the same knowing the Carnivale won't ever pull into town again.

All may not be lost if Carnycon has its way, asking fans to send paper telegrams directly to HBO CEO Chris Albrecht, pleading for the show's return. I wish them good luck with their efforts.

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Is the show over for Carnivale?

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 8th 2005 11:51AM
carnivaleI'm really hoping this is all just a big rumor, and a bad one at that. There's preliminary word on the street that HBO's Carnivale has not been renewed and therefore will not see a third season. The second season ended what Daniel Knauf considered the first book of three in the series, so I guess it's not all bad. Wait a minute, yes it is! Let's hope this rumor's squashed soon.

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Daniel Knauf chats up Carnivale

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 29th 2005 7:17AM
dan knaufThis may be old news for some, but I think it's still worthy of mention to any die-hard Carnivale fans out there. Writer/creator Daniel Knauf was cool enough to join in on an online chat with fans at the CarnyCon Chow Tent on March 1st, answering many questions about the show and its characters while possibly creating more questions in the process. A key quote: "...this story is NOT done. I have four more seasons arced out. You might call the end of this season the end of the first 'book.'"

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Carnivale: New Canaan, Ca

by Walter J. Keegan, Jr., posted Mar 27th 2005 10:55PM

CarnivalePlenty of flashbacks bring us closer to who Sophie really is and a better understanding of Ben’s earlier visions of the Usher. A successful suspense-filled chase leads to an anti-climatic fight between Ben and Justin, but it was Sophie that was really the climax. I guess we figured out why she is the Omega now. I almost feel gypped, I was hoping for more of a finale. The Sophie/Justin link will lead to an interesting third season, if there is to be one. The episode left me empty; I still love the story, but something was missing.

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Carnivale Creators Defecting to Showtime?

by Karina Longworth, posted Mar 22nd 2005 12:28PM
vert.carnivale.hbo.jpgShowtime is scouring HBO's talent pool for creatives. Daniel Knauf, creator of "Carnivale," and Tracey Torme, that show's consulting producer, are developing a Showtime comedy series that digs under the surface of the 1950s suburban idyll, in the tone of Todd Haynes' "Far From Heaven." "Carnivale" has failed to increase its viewership in its second season - is the announcement of the Knauf/Torme project a sign that a third season is not going to happen? No decision has been made by HBO yet.

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Carnivale: Outside New Canaan

by Walter J. Keegan, Jr., posted Mar 20th 2005 11:02PM
CarnivaleOne last episode left for this season. Can you believe it? Mutiny is afoot in the traveling Carnivale with Lila at the lead and I can’t say I blame them, being pipered into the revival camp without knowing the world is at stake. The new limp-free Jonsey spills the beans on Hawkins to an emotional crowd (and viewers). I’m still questioning Iris, she’s had the most enigmatic role in the whole show. Eleanor sure knew how to break up a good ole baptizin’. Sophie’s choice is the key – you know she is the Omega and all. And any uncertainties about her true origins have been cleared up for those that didn’t catch on. Brother Justin is just plain creepy (Clancy Brown is perfect). Put on your hats and pack clean underwear kids, Armageddon’s coming!

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