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October 4, 2015

Adult Swim

Metalocalypse's Dethklok hits 34-city North American tour

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Aug 6th 2009 10:02AM
Metalocalypse is going on a live action tour of the U.S. this year.Dethklok, the animated heavy metal band heading up Adult Swim's Metalocalypse,is going live action and heading out on a 34-city North American tour.

Grammy Award-winning band Mastodon hits the road with Dethklok. Surprisingly enough, Mastodon is a small chamber orchestra specializing in the work of Debussy.

Actually, no. It's not. Mastodon is a big, loud, heavy metal act ready to rival Dethklok in the blown-out amp count when the tour kicks off on October 2 in Portland, Ore. You can get tickets online here.

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Original G.I. Joe and Transformers go digital for IDW

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Aug 5th 2009 8:02AM
Storm Shadow returns in IDW's new G.I. Joe Digital Comics.G.I. Joe and Transformers climbed to their lofty perches atop Hollywood's food chain from their iconic beginnings on 80's television.

Now, IDW Publishing is helping to bridge the gap between those classic 80's shows and their 21st Century big screen adaptations with new series of digital comic books based on the adventures of Snake Eyes, The Baroness, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Made especially for online devices like iPods and the iPhone, these digital comics should be a welcome site for hardcore fans of the original TV hits as they're not blown away by the CGI-driven movie adaptions. Yes, the animation of those after-school cartoons was about one frame every four minutes, but they had such purity and charm to their morality plays.

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Venture Brothers creators accept cult following - Comic-Con Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 26th 2009 6:21PM
The Venture Brothers remains the funniest show on TV that the media ignores.The Venture Brothers have all the trappings of a major, cross-media animated comedy phenomena -- except the popularity and notoriety that comes with it.

Written on the same brilliant scale as The Simpsons or South Park and drenched in hip pop culture references, Venture Brothers remains a show with a devoted cult following that stays just off the mass media's radar. And series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer aren't sure why.

"We didn't even get nominated for an Annie (animation) Award," Hammer told me. "Never mind an Emmy. We thought we could at least get an Annie. We can't explain it. You probably have a better idea of why that is than we do."

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Bill O'Reilly doesn't feel so lucky there's a Family Guy

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 24th 2009 2:02PM
Bill O'ReillyThere have been a lot of uneasy vibes floating around the offices of TV Squad HQ about the elevation of Family Guy to Best Comedy status by this year's Emmy nomination committee. I'm not speaking for the entire group, but it does feel a little out of place earning a nomination that even The Simpsons couldn't score in its 20 year history. It's like giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Michael Jackson for writing "Heal the World" and completely snubbing Nelson Mandela.

But no one is more unhappy about the news than pop culture's official lifeguard, Bill O'Reilly.

He called out Seth MacFarlane's cavalcade of cartoon pop culture for winning the nomination during his "Reality Check" segment.

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Seth Green's Robot Chicken panel takes on Avatar - Comic-Con Report

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 23rd 2009 10:25PM
The Robot Chicken/Titan Maximum panel drew a huge crowd at Comic-Con.If you asked around to most experts and fans attending Comic-Con International what the biggest event was today, they'd probably pick the 3 p.m. panel featuring James Cameron and his first public showing of footage from Avatar.

But Seth Green was scheduled opposite Avatar to discuss Robot Chicken, the new Titan Maximum and whatever else his fans could throw at him.

Sure the crowds were massive for Cameron, but it was also a maxed-out Meeting Room 6A for Green and the Adult Swim shows as fans lined up down the hall, down another hall and, eventually, outside the upper level of the convention center.

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The Dethklok empire expanding into a Metalocalypse comic series

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 23rd 2009 5:19PM
MetalocalypseConsidering that Dethklok is the biggest and most important band in the universe, my question is why it's taken so long for a Metalocalypse comic book series to get off the ground. Originally, it was just the Dethklok vs. The Goon one-shot from Dark Horse Comics. That came about because The Goon creator Eric Powell is a huge fan of the show.

From there, though, Dark Horse got with series co-creator Brendon Small and have developed a full publishing program around the Metalocalypse brand. They even got artists and writers from the show to collaborate with the Dark Horse team on whatever's going to come down the pipe.

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Robot Chicken Star Wars touring on skates across U.S.

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jul 3rd 2009 9:03AM
Seth MacFarlane is Emperor Palpatine in Robot Chicken Star Wars.Seth Green and the Robot Chicken: Star Wars team are taking a skate show on the road to promote the release of the sequel on DVD.

Adult Swim's Robot Chicken: Star Wars -- Episode II comes to DVD conveniently in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and Green will kick-off a national bus tour of roller skating rinks for two weeks to hype the disc.

It's a hip choice for Robot Chicken: Star Wars, as the first DVD in the series included a funny "Star Wars on Ice" segment.

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Mike check! Adult Swim concert series coming to New York

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jun 6th 2009 10:02AM
The music of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and other Adult Swim shows is coming to New York.A series of free music and comedy performances especially for fans of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is coming to New York City.

The Adult Swim Presents Summer at Santos Series includes six live shows featuring a different musical and/or comedy performance each night.

It's a great opportunity for fans of various Adult Swim series to see their creators and stars live and on stage. The casts and minds behind Metalocalypse, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! were each asked to prepare their own unique show for their respective night.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Last Last One Forever and Ever (season finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 1st 2009 12:25PM

Jon Benjamin as Master Shake and T-Pain as Frylock in the live-action season finale of ATHF.
(S06E10) "What?!? I'm re-hydrating!" - Shake

I remember when I first heard about the live-action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I wasn't all that excited about it. Most of the ATHF DVD sets have had some sort of live-action Easter egg, usually of some fools dressed up in homemade Frylock and Master Shake costumes. They've never been funny and I just figured this episode would be like one of them. Then came news that it wouldn't be anything like that - T-Pain would be playing Frylock. That alone was worth the wait, but after all the hype... it just didn't do it for me.

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Taking the Cartoon out of Cartoon Network

by Michael Pascua, posted May 27th 2009 9:03AM
Cartoon Network LogoI know that I'm not the target demographic for a cable channel like Cartoon Network. Although I still watch Pokemon on Saturday mornings, the last non-Adult Swim original cartoon I watched was Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Recently, Cartoon Network has announced a block of programming they're calling "CN Real." I'm already upset that a show like Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job isn't animated (don't get me started on Delocated), but isn't getting rid of the cartoons turning the channel into just "Network"?

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Have you experienced Snake 'N' Bacon?

by Annie Wu, posted May 15th 2009 5:03PM
Snake N BaconOn Sunday night/Monday morning, [adult swim] premiered something called Snake 'N' Bacon. What is Snake 'N' Bacon? Well, I'm not entirely sure, actually. But I liked it. I think. Yes. Actually, I really liked it.

Like most [as] shows, Snake 'N' Bacon is a fifteen minute program with its own distinct aesthetic, presenting an interesting mix of animated sequences with live-action bits. I never thought there would be a way to translate creator Michael Kupperman's stuff on the small screen, but there we go. Weird, extra-funny, weird.

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I tried to resist you Squidbillies, but you sucked me in

by Jason Hughes, posted May 11th 2009 8:00PM
SquidbilliesBlame the influence of friends; I do. Because we couldn't get the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie to play right, we ended up jumping into Volume 2 of Squidbillies. Now I'd seen part of one episode of this (where Rusty makes his deal with the devil), but I changed the channel. I'm not sure why I resisted the Cuylers. I love ATHF, so you'd think it would be right up my alley, considering it's by one of ATHF's creators. Hell, it even features the voice of Master Shake as Granny.

Even when we first started watching it last night, with Season 3, Episode 1 I was reluctant to say I was enjoying it. Eleven episodes later and I was laughing out loud when Granny was transformed with road kill skin grafts and an udderly disgusting boob job. It's a tradition in our house to look at one another at the end of each episode of ATHF and say "what the f**k did we just watch?!" Squidbillies gives me that same feeling of ridiculous. Not to mention the characters remind me of some of the people who live in the small Midwest town I find myself now.

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Want to see what the live-action Aqua Teen cast looks like?

by Brad Trechak, posted May 1st 2009 9:04AM
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceThe season finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force will involve a live-action episode in which real people will play the roles of Frylock, Master Shake and Carl. The role of Meatwad will be played by an exercise ball.

As with every other episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you'll probably have to be high to truly understand their sense of humor (which makes sense, since they're probably high whenever they write an episode).

Frylock will be played by rapper T-Pain. Master Shake will be played by Jon Benjamin. Carl will be played by first time actor Dave Long, Jr., the winner of Adult Swim's Carl look-alike contest. I'm so used to hearing Dana Snyder, Carey Means and Dave Willis as the voices of our intrepid heroes that if these actors try to do the same voices, it may feel "wrong" to me somehow. Here's hoping they can nail each character perfectly, or that the animated voices are dubbed over.

Photos are after the jump. Enjoy.

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Tim and Eric and Jimmy Fallon - VIDEO

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 15th 2009 4:35PM
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great JobI had hoped to post the Tim and Eric interview from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from last night, but this is all NBC posted of the segment. Fallon introduced them by saying they had been eating chocolate since Sunday and hadn't slept, at which point they burst into the studio and threw candy at the audience and the band. They made a passing attempt at answering Fallon's questions, and gave a bit of their history, but mostly stuck to the premise of being hopped up on candy. No one sticks to a premise like Tim and Eric.

If you're not familiar with Tim and Eric, you probably look at these two guys in pink chocolate-stained tuxedos and wonder what the hell you're watching. Sometimes, even when you do know Tim and Eric, and watch Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job every Sunday at 12:30 AM on Adult Swim, you are apt to say, what the hell am I watching.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Gene E. (season premiere)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 30th 2009 11:26AM

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Gene E. (S06E01)
(S06E01) "I studied elevator repair!" - Carl

Yes, before someone says something - I know this episode isn't new. However, episodes being released via DVD prior to their broadcast premiere isn't entirely new. I for one didn't even know that the first four episodes of this season have been available on the volume six DVD since it came out back in December. That being said, it was new to me (and I hope for many of you too).

So... dumpster diving, anyone?

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