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August 31, 2015


How to apply for just about any game/reality show on TV

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 22nd 2007 6:40PM
1 vs 100Of all the e-mails and comments we get here at the fictional TV Squad HQ, the ones we see the most -- besides the ones that think we're a bunch of hacks who don't deserve the pay we get -- are ones that ask us how a person can get on one of the numerous game or reality shows that are on the air right now.

I have to tell you, we're flattered that you folks think we have the inside connections within the television industry that will be allow us to fast-track our readers onto shows like Survivor or Deal or No Deal. But, alas, we're just a bunch of grunts like you; we don't have a "guy" who can get us through the back door of these shows. In fact we don't even have a "guy" who can get us a discount at the car wash.

But what we can do for you is comb the web to find the various instructions on how you can get on these shows. And, no surprise, the networks have made those instructions readily available on the web. After the jump is the list of links we found so far. We'll update this list as we find more shows and instructions. And feel free to send us ones you've discovered either via our tips e-mail or in the comments section below. Enjoy and good luck...

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Talk Talk: Will Ferrell, Terrence Howard, Julian McMahon, Paolo Nutini

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 22nd 2007 5:44PM
  • Katie CouricCharlie Rose: John Burns of The NY Times, Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, and Mike Binder
  • The Daily Show: Don Cheadle
  • The Colbert Report: Katie Couric
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Evangeline Lilly and Jeff MacGregor (repeat)
  • Jay Leno: Will Ferrell, Senator Joe Biden, and Paolo Nutini
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Terrence Howard, Bob Woodruff, and The Kooks
  • Tavis Smiley: Gina Torres
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Adam Sandler, Lindsay Buckingham, and Sarah Thyre
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Billy Connolly, Tricia Helfer, and Blake Shelton (repeat)
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Julian McMahon and Amos Lee

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Criminal Minds: Ashes and Dust

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 22nd 2007 11:22AM

Criminal Minds(S02E19) Well that was just about the most disturbing episode of Criminal Minds yet. I can't remember a past installment being as graphic as this one. It was an excellent episode, but I'm surprised some of the scenes (especially the opening one) made it through the cut.

It was hard to stomach at some points. That opening scene was downright creepy as the arsonist watched the family burn. While not as graphic, the scene where he tossed kerosene all over that SUV with the family inside was equally hard to watch. This show definitely knows how to push the limits though because as I said, this was a great episode with a well done ending.

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Survivor Fiji: I've The Strength Now To Carry The Flag

by Deidre Woollard, posted Mar 22nd 2007 6:51AM
(S14E06) For Ravu, the starved and perpetually losing tribe, hope springs eternal. After all, a change-up turns Ravu into the He-Man Woman Haters club. What could possibly go wrong with all these muscle men around? I think I have a clue, he's loud, he's obnoxious and he's from my hometown.

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Talk Talk: Don Cheadle, Heather Mills, Andy Richter, Hinder

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 21st 2007 5:39PM
  • Jeff GoldblumCharlie Rose: Richard Engel of NBC News, Dexter Filkins of The NY Times, and Bobby Ghosh of Time
  • The Daily Show: Chris Hansen
  • The Colbert Report: Benjamin Barber
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Jack Black and Lara Logan
  • Jay Leno: Heather Mills and James Morrison
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jeff Goldblum and Kate Mara
  • Tavis Smiley: Governor Bill Richardson
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Don Cheadle, Neil Patrick Harris, and Shane Mauss
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Tom Arnold, Drake Wither, and Hinder
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Andy Richter and Gary Jules

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Dennis Haysbert 'disappointed' with this season of 24

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Mar 21st 2007 3:02PM

David Palmer in 24

Dennis Haysbert told the Philadelphia Daily News that not only did he regret filming the assassination scene in last season's 24, but he's also not keen on this season's installment of the counter-terrorism thriller.

Haysbert -- who played President David Palmer on 24 but now stars in CBS' The Unit -- came back to 24 to film Palmer's assassination, something he says he now wishes he hadn't done. "It was a device that I didn't think was necessary," he said.

Haysbert also criticized his former show, saying he thinks that the program may have lost its way. "I started to watch it this season, and, you know, I'm just a little disappointed in its direction," he told the Daily News, adding that, although he's still a fan, "the politics has been skewed in a very, very right-wing way."

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Extended (dirty) scene from How I Met Your Mother - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 21st 2007 12:36PM
barney; neil patrick harris; how i met your motherEven if you don't watch How I Met Your Mother, you'll probably get a kick out of this. At the end of Monday's episode, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) does a damn fine impression of David Letterman reading his Top 10 List. The list is names of a moving truck that, earlier in the episode, Barney tricked out to be his own love den so he didn't have to travel all the way back to his apartment with girls. He could just take them to the moving truck in the alley. And it actually worked on at least one girl.

This extended scene (after the jump) has Barney's original list that made air on Monday, but then Neil Patrick Harris pulls out another list that the cast obviously wasn't expecting. It's pretty dirty, so there's your warning! And when you're done with that, check out the "Slap Bet" montage. God, I love this show.

[Via Pop Candy]

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Letterman's illness pre-empts memorial tribute to Calvert DeForest

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 21st 2007 11:37AM
Calvert DeForest aka Larry According to TV writer Mark Evanier, Calvert DeForest, who played Larry "Bud" Melman on David Letterman's NBC show, passed away on Thursday from a pneumonia-related heart attack. He was 85.

Everyone remembers DeForest as Melman; he was the little old man with the big glasses and putty-like face who would show up and inevitably bungle whatever lines he was given to read, often saying them very loudly in the process. He was a signature on the NBC show, and Dave continued to use him when the show moved to CBS (under Calvert's real name, due to intellectual property issues with NBC), but less frequently; DeForest's last appearance was in 2003.

Evanier got the information from an "authority" on the Letterman newsgroup, who also mentioned that the Late Show was set to air a tribute to DeForest last night, but delayed it when Letterman went home sick. Since there won't be a new taping until next week, the tribute will have to wait. I'm sure it'll be both poignant and funny at the same time.

[thanks to Elf for the tip.]

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NCIS: Iceman

by Brett Love, posted Mar 21st 2007 9:00AM
Cote de Pablo(S04E18) One thing we can say for this episode, the answer to the mystery wasn't obvious from the get go. Between the loan shark, the shady freight carrier, and the return of Mike Franks (Muse Watson), it was a complicated affair. That's ok though, because it made for a pretty entertaining episode.

The folks in promotion over at CBS get a couple demerits this week for the misleading teasers. The various previews I saw kept mentioning "a connection to Gibbs' past." Now, that's some of the good stuff that I think a lot of fans are waiting for. If there was a connection in this episode, it was either very minor, or I completely missed it. If that connection was just Mike coming back again, then they horribly oversold it.

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Letterman goes home sick; Sandler covers for him

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 21st 2007 12:20AM
David LettermanWell, anyone who's watching The Late Show right now probably realizes that David Letterman's not there.

Apparently, Dave showed up to work today but took ill with a stomach problem. It must have been pretty bad, because the only things that have kept Dave off the air in the past were a bad case of the shingles and heart bypass surgery. According to the AP, this is believed to be the first time Dave was not able to go on after showing up for work.

Anyway, tonight's main guest, Adam Sandler, was recruited to fill in, and seems to be doing an OK job of it so far . And he was even able to pull in his Reign Over Me co-star, Don Cheadle, as a guest, so the movie promotion machine didn't skip a beat. Oh, and as a privilege of hosting, Sandler decided to bring his bulldog, Matzoball, up on stage. Awww.....

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Talk Talk: Adam Sandler, Willie Nelson, Bernie Mac, Eddie Izzard

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 20th 2007 5:43PM
  • Danica PatrickCharlie Rose: Terry McCarthy from ABC News
  • The Daily Show: John Bolton
  • The Colbert Report: Willie Nelson
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Adam Sandler, Lucinda Williams, and Danica Patrick
  • Jay Leno: David Spade, Richard Engel, and Hinder
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mark Wahlberg, Wes Craven, and Mims
  • Tavis Smiley: Terrence Howard and Steve Bickerstaff
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Bernie Mac, Chris Daughtry, and Chris Hansen
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Cuba Gooding Jr., Joely Richardson, and Andy Vastola
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Eddie Izzard and Vietnam

Update: Letterman actually went home early because he was sick, so Adam Sandler is taking over as guest host.

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New York Times: Iraq war's influence seen in many TV shows

by Meredith O'Brien, posted Mar 20th 2007 5:25PM
Jack Bauer on 24 With the TV news networks dedicating major portions of their broadcasts this week to the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq, a New York Times TV critic says that the war, as well as issues related to terrorism and torture, have become major themes on American television, ranging from dramas like 24, to comedies like Saturday Night Live.

"Television shows process news events much faster than ever before but not much more directly than they did at the time of Hogan's Heroes, M*A*S*H or China Beach," critic Alessandra Stanley wrote, noting that a failed FX program, Over There about soldiers in Iraq "turned a war into entertainment as it was still being fought."

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CSI: Miami: Triple Threat

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 20th 2007 3:34PM

Wolfe checks out a pile of dirt.(S05E18) Sorry for the lateness folks, but I'm sick. I've been running a fever as hot as CSI: Miami! OH! That's right, I went there. But seriously, I finally got around to watching this episode and I have to say... it was borderline ridiculous and I loved every second of it.

I cannot recall an episode of CSI: Miami that ever had as many ridiculous twists and turns as this one. It's funny too, because I had been watching a whole bunch of episodes of The Shield recently and I went in to this thinking that I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as I usually do. Wrong. Pour on the cheese!

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How I Met Your Mother: Moving Day

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 19th 2007 10:54PM
How I Met Your Mother(S02E18) And so the unraveling begins.

We knew Robin liked to sneak a ciggie every so often. We also knew she was a gun nut (but the subscription to Guns & Ammo seems to make her extra sexy, doesn't it?), but who knew she was a Felix Unger-y fussbudget? Boy, every time I heard inhale through her teeth at something her new roomie, Ted, did, I knew the episode was going to end the way it did. In fact, the outcome wasn't that big of a surprise from the start, given the way we likely think their relationship is going to end.

But what I didn't expect was how Barney-centric this episode was going to be. And how I haven't seemed to gotten sick of ol' Barn yet. In fact, he was the key to this very funny episode.

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Talk Talk: Paula Abdul, Rainn Wilson, Joss Stone, Merv Griffin

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 19th 2007 5:59PM
  • MervCharlie Rose: Representative Henry Waxman
  • The Daily Show: Stephen Prothero
  • The Colbert Report: Jerome Groopman
  • The Late Show With David Letterman: Paula Abdul, Bernie Mac, and Joss Stone
  • Jay Leno: Terrence Howard and the cast of Jersey Boys
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kelly Rip, Milo Ventimiglia, and Incubus (repeat)
  • Tavis Smiley: Robert Greenwald and Joss Stone
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Rainn Wilson, Tom Arnold, and Jesse Malin
  • The Late, Late Show With Craig Fergsuon: Merv Griffin, Nia Long, and John Mellencamp
  • Last Call With Carson Daly: Richard Machowicz and Joshua Radin (repeat)

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